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Razor by Sanrizz

  • hair covering half of the ears
  • boy cut for women
  • haircut with a buzzed nape
  • spectacular short haircut
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Cut with the sharpest of all instruments, these short hairstyles incorporate everything that we want to see in a modern look. Texture, shape and attitude. Lines with geometric impact are softened by fine layers and toothy yet smooth texture in the tips. All are cut with a razor. Short, sexy and sassy with a refined chic for the modern woman who wants it all. And can have it all.
Extreme graduation defines the necks and much attention went into creating eye catching fringes. Sleek styling and a clean outline will bring many new fans to the world of short hair. The colors are muted tones of blonde, brown and black in the neutral range, but elevated by a warm glow created with low lights and shine serum.
Hair: Sharon Cox & Leonardo Rizzo for Sanrizz
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Styling: Elisa Heinesen
Photography: Andres Reynaga
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