Short Hairstyles for Women

Short Natural Curls

Hair with curls cut above the lobes of the ears
The delightful canopy of natural curls always seems to take a blue ribbon in competition, and our model appears to have a little razor slithering throughout her short layers. There is a tapered cuff along the neckline with longer positions in the crown, top and upper sides.
The sides are clipped above the lobes of the ears with wispy tendrils caressing the face. The bangs are combed over from an irregular part and left just up from the brow. To avoid frizz when you have natural curls, use your diffuser with a gel especially for naturally curly hair, scrunching as you go.

Bob with Stacked Layers

Bob with Stacked Layers
Hairstylists know the great diversity of bobs. There are some bobs that are two haircuts meshed together in one style. You first have the close crop up from the collar line that hugs the head.
Then, you have panels of hair over other sections in either all one length or mini stacked layers that are barely seen to accommodate the hair we see in the photo that is stylishly moving toward the face, with the exception of the longer panel that twines into an under tilt in one big scoop. Mini micro layers or one big blunt cut, a bob is still known by the name of a bob.

Small Piecy Bangs

Short hair cut over the ear and piecy bangs
Catch the patchy contrasts of the dark spots that stand out in shadows upon our model's golden red hair color. The smoothly styled short hair begins with a fixed shingle around the nape and a blunt edge positioned just above the shave.
The hair goes down into a ride of length harmonizing the side sheet and a tad over her ear and pointed under the cheekbones. Short bangs lace the forehead, extending softness to an otherwise severe image.

Carefree Short Hairstyle

Carefree short hairstyle with a fringe and bounce
The savvy clout of what a heavily short tiered clip can do is limitless with fashionable bounce, light fringe and the look of a carefree, blithe nature; yet, with absolutely stunning effects. I can almost picture the scissored moves of creativity while clipping this work of art.
A few jags here and slithers around the face for fringe explain the unique frame. Dabs of gels are gently worked through the hair with a light blow dry to blend in the pouf becomes a pleasing hairstyle and then spray. Why not try this hairstyle for yourself?

Short Cropped Cut

Short cropped hairstyle with the sides covering the ears
The arranged versatility of layers in this short cropped cut around the top, upper sides and the crown sections can bring many surprises, once you begin to experiment in the direction of blow drying. Presently we see a possible twist in the back with different tiered curls upon each other. The sides cover the ears in a transparent light section of hair, while the bang area has been blown over to one side in short poufy wisps and bangs.
Another option this cut could be styled is to bring the upper sections of the sides to spring up into carefree curls and some to come toward the face. Part of the lower section could be tossed under the cheek bones similar to what we see in the photo and only a tad more in a gentle outlay. Have fun with your hairstyles and dare to try something new.

Funky Short Hairstyle

Jagged and funky short hairstyle with sporty bangs
Are you finally ready to try something out of character for yourself? Why not this chunky, funky, jagged, topsy-turvy, over the edge short hairstyle? Note the pouf on the top and the sporty toothed points for the bangs with bold tendrils along the sides that touch the neck.
The back crown has some pithy volume that zeros into a clipped fade around the cuff. All you do is apply your favorite gel or spritz some styling lotion and begin blow drying while lightly moving your fingers through your hair. When done, spray. Easy as strudel!

Charleston Era Hair

Charleston era hair with finger waves
The flavor of the finger waves of the 1920s and 1930s brings back the era of the Charleston dance, raccoon skin coats and old jalopies! The sculpture begins with the side division and finger waves all the way down below the model's ears and ends with a tight thick curl that cannot be missed.
Around the shallow of the back rests in a thick mass of curls that line up the finishing touch. Although finger waves have not made a come back yet, I am sure in the not too distant future you will begin to see celebrities wearing them before too long. Why not jump ahead of the game and practice now?

Easy To Do Short Hair

Easy to do short hair with exposed ears
Have you discovered that you are just way too busy to be spending all that required time it takes to keep up with your hairstyle? Perhaps, it is time for a change! This light fluffy coif speaks volumes when it is out and about town and seems to be saying: "look at me; I'm cute, sassy and so easy to do!"
With the precision touch of an artist, texted jags and chops were placed in selected locations around our model's head to accompany the pouf preferred, leaving the ears and small side burns exposed. The back is clipped up and faded around the edge. Take your blow dryer and whisk it around your head, it should be dry in less than five minutes and you will be on your way to the market!

Short Hairstyle with Curls

Short hairstyle with body wave curls
Razzamatazz curls abound with plenty of moxie and zip with c placed curls above the eyebrows and a tussle of curls cresting in height on the top. A longer crown brings less volume that leads to more swell around the edge that turns up in the back.
Fancy backward c curls are framed along the face that point to the model's long wide attractive earrings. This particular hairstyle can be obtained through a body wave and the right haircut.

Boyish Haircut with Gel

Short boyish haircut with gel styling
The clean lines of a boyish haircut are clipped closely around the model's head with a feminine touch of small tendrils lying around the sides. The crest like wave on the top leans over into the splays of hair stretching upon the brow area.
Apply gel and brush all your hair over to the one side and back on the sides while blow drying. Piece hair where desired and spray.

Roller Set

Short hairstyle with roller set styling
A lovely token of what a good set can do for a short hairstyle is portrayed on our model. Apply styling gel and begin from the heavy side part, roll your hair over with all the rollers going down. The other side's rollers can be arranged on a tilt going away from the face. All rollers are rolled down in the backside.
When dry, brush out vigorously in the direction you planted your rollers. Back brush lightly and smooth over into the rounded coils you see in the photo and place the curls along the forehead and temple. Brush back the hair on the other side and spray.

Collar Touching Short Hair

Short collar touching hair
The less hair you have to work with, the neater and lighter you will appear when you put that new suit on. There is something magical that happens when you get a haircut, because it ties into the rest of your body. The weight loss fairy makes her entrance!
Try this simple test. Put a long-haired wig on and the new outfit you just bought then take the wig off and put on a shorter wig and scrutinize your figure in the mirror and be honest! If you have a good haircut, you're going to look great for the rest of the day.
Putting your long hair up helps a little bit, but it isn't the same. Haven't you seen the heavy hair up on some ladies and they end up looking a bit too matronly? Less can be more for some of us seasoned chicks.
The photo has heavily clipped short layers that evolve into a pouf around the face and on the top and crown. The cuff has a blended collar touching, smooth fringe. Simple to blowdry and away you go!

Cycloid Curls

Short hairstyle with cycloid curls
Plump cycloid curls are placed selectively around the model's head for a picture of perky volume and style. Micro mini strands are playfully positioned around the face along with the two thicker pieces of side burns that are formed into a c.
The tapered back gives a clean detailed finish to this sprightly short hairstyle. For the formation of the curls, use conventional rollers and direct into the exact positions you desire. When dry, you can either leave the rollers where they are and spray or take each curl and lightly back brush, smooth and place where the roller was and spray for staying power.

Short Asian Haircut

Short Asian haircut that is quick to style
A picture of a pixyish elfin haircut is prominent on our Asian model with the prime signatures of stray choppy tufts lying upon her forehead. A more straight blunt edge is caught around the sides with the exception of one lone strand. Clipped up high in the back blends easily into the rest of the hairstyle that is full of poufy layers.
If you are looking for an easy short hairstyle that would be quick to style, this might be the one. Just apply gel, blow dry with your hands and then, take your medium sized round brush and move he hair over to the one side as pictured in the photo. Every hair will fall into place without a problem. Spray and you are finished!

Wet Look for Short Hair

Wet look bob
The wet look introduces itself to be a classic straight appearance with only a small notch of a curl that gives sway to the model's cheek line. A small upward crest is formed with the gel that comes down into a very slight wave. The back has splayed fringes that lie below the collar line and the heavier graduation of the bob formed just above, that eventually meets the sides.
Wash your hair, condition and apply your wet look gel and comb into position, or you can blowdry, then apply the wet gel; whatever works for you. Here's to you and a total wet look bob for something just a little bit different.

Feathery Bangs

Short haircut with feathery bangs
The touch of an artistic hand can sometimes be seen in a straight form meeting a curly form, such as in the photo the model is wearing straight feathery bangs and straight side burns under her hair that hug along her jawbone, while the rest of the hair is expressed in the gaiety of curls that form volume and strength.
A few notable highlights blend throughout the hairstyle make this image a real winner. A body wave could be in order to capture this look for yourself after you get that perfect haircut.

Never Out of Style

Haircut that never goes out of style
Some haircuts will never go out of style, and this is one of them! All layered, yet more of a blunt edge around the bottom of the coif. If you were to look at this short hairstyle in a frontal fashion, it would almost look something like a square haircut, as it has the pouf on the top, crown and sides but noticeably blunter around the edges.
Spritz a fine styling lotion and quickly blow dry with your hands, then use your medium sized curling iron to direct the curls where you would like them to go. For stay ability, have a body wave every four months and keep getting your hair trimmed every six weeks to perk up your new style.

Tapered Nape and Sides Pixie

Pixie cut with tapered nape and sides
A thickly layered top with a heavy bouffant has been easily blown across the model's forehead and temples, taking the time to place the active curls. The crown of the very short haircut also poufs in conjunction with the top and begins to fade into a tightly knit tapered influence that also winds around the ears.
Completely stylish, easy to do and oh merci, so chic with the larger earrings, why not try something like this today?

Short Ponytail

Hairstyle with a short ponytail
This ponytailed short hairstyle swings into action with the small textured layers that perk up around the top of light threads of hair. Micro mini fringe is laced over the brows and thicker sections fan out into the sides. This is definitely having your cake and eating it too.
Your hair is still long enough for the pony, yet looks short at the same time. Both cuts are agreeable with each other and to this day, still getting along.

Chopped Short Hairstyle

Short chopped hairstyle with spikes on top of the head
A chop chop here and a chop chop there, everywhere a chop chop... Dig the "over the top" jazzy clip job. Our infamous cut begins with a semi-circular bang over the forehead with some of it thin, other parts thicker. Then, we can see the bold stair step sections along the sides with angel thin threads lying up the model's cheeks.
The bluntness moves up toward the back, over the ear with a deliberate thick positioning on the lower nape and the thin threads of hair flagging over a tapered section. The coupe de grace is the delicate spikes we see on the top of the head. Do you dare to try this one of a kind hairstyle?

Spiked Up Hair

Hair spiked up and clipped around the head
The spotlight of this hairstyle is the bright red flowery effect on the top that has been textured into precision layers that enable the hair to spike up into the feathery plumes that we see. The rest of the hair has been tightly clipped around the head and over the ears extending a few carefree wisps around the frame of the model's face.
Just a touch of styling lotion and the blow dryer and you are out of the door! Should winter weather set in, and we know it always does, put your toque on and when you get to the office, take your hairpin and slip it under your hair lightly bringing it back to where it was. Cold weather tends to put our hair in shock and electricity, so a little bit of hairspray might be in order to bring it back to earth.

Short Gelled Hair

Short gelled hair with bangs
The savoir-faire of a bold slanted angle begins upon the temple of our model's bangs and ends over the opposite brow and connecting under the side lace. All the hair is designed around the face, including the top that is also directed toward the face.
Fully layered and gelled; simply apply the gel and comb through while mastering the hair into the hairstyle desired. Allow to air dry unless you are going to walk out into a wintery scene, in which case, blow drying would be a good option.

High Centered Flip

Short hairstyle with a high centered flip
A high centered flip is most prominent in the photo displayed and an easy pick to accomplish if you have the time. After you wash, condition your hair, apply your styling lotion and centralize your part, beginning from the part, roll your rollers all under around your head, with the exception of the last two bottom sections and roll them up.
Dry and aggressively brush your hair out. Then, take your brush and test your flip by running your brush on the top of the hair while you bring the hair out to see how it flips. Your style may need a bit of back brushing to bring the smoother appeal seen in the image. If so, back brush the ends and watch them curl up like ruffles on a skirt and spray.

Fashionable Bob

Collar hugging bob
Flaxen tones run rampant in this fashionable bob that is smooth as glass. The collar hugging clip works its way around the head covering the ears and joining with the hair from the side panel.
A basic hairstyle that can be dressed up for the evening with long earrings is an easy flick with the brush. Apply styling lotion and curve your round brush under the hair, gently moving under while blow drying. Spray gloss when finished.

Short Hair with Curls

Short cropped hair with curls
A cluster of elegant curls are constructed like a bouquet of flowers at the model's crown and top of the head with the continuation of panache threads of hair that web around her face. The back is cropped along the nape while lengthening towards the crown.
To have the medium sized cylinders, simply roll your hair in an array of rollers going every which way. When dry, back comb each curl just a bit, smooth out and replace back to where the roller laid and spray. Be inventive with your hair, if you don't like what you've done, you can always restart again.

Smooth Boyish Haircut

Boyish and smooth crested haircut with chipped sides
Few can wear this boyish smooth crested haircut. The back is shingled up where only small tufts of hair sometimes brush the collar line and extends just a bit of length into the crown section. The sides are chipped around the ears with just a slight spray of hair in the front.
The top rises up for the occasion into a fanciful ridge of height blending in together with the rest of the flow. Dare you try this hairstyle? Not a problem! Apply some gel, blow dry and you are out of here!

60s and 70s Short Hairstyle

Short sixties haircut
The nostalgic memories of the sixties and the seventies are brought into our hairstyle with the high fluffy volume on the top and the smooth edge clipped around the face, over the ears and close up around the nape.
A few winds and wraps around the curling iron on the top and a subtle back brushing will construct this desired image. Spray for staying power.

Exposed Neckline

Undercut bob with exposed neckline
The soft demure lightness of clean, fine hair is portrayed with a special designer bob. The edge of the collar is brought up into a firm close clip and moves into length as it is combs along the sides, yet the hair is still short enough to expose the neckline.
A small amount of spritzing and blow drying will accommodate the undercut given to achieve the tilt in the fall that we see in the photo. This hairstyle will take a little more time when styling because of the length, but well worth the pleasing affects.