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Return to the future could be the subtitle of kpOchs Cyberglam collection as the eight hairstyles combine retro elements from the past and a taste of things to come way ahead.
These glamorous and wearable looks are shaped with just the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated to fit every modern woman who likes the traditional, but has a free spirit and likes to present herself with a little edge.
  • multitone curls
  • short bob
  • wetlook for medium long hair
  • hair with uplifting
  • wild hair styling
  • modern twiggy hairstyle
  • charming short haircut
  • short hair sleeked all over
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Playful curls, updos with sexy disheveled volume, reinvented bobs and sleek chic are the ingredients to this captivating collection.
The hair colors all appear as if they were kissed by moonlight. Blonde and copper tones are combined with effects in silver and light gray for a unique, perplexing and innovative look.
Like the iconic styles of the 60s, these feminine and young, urban and playful looks might just be the next on the cult status list.
Hair: kpOchs