Cyberglam by kpOchs

Wearable hairstyles with retro elements
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Return to the future could be the subtitle of kpOchs' Cyberglam collection as the eight hairstyles combine retro elements from the past and a taste of things to come way ahead.
These glamorous and wearable looks are shaped with just the perfect mix of casual and sophisticated to fit every modern woman who likes the traditional, but has a free spirit and likes to present herself with a little edge.
Like the iconic styles of the 60s, these feminine and young, urban and playful looks might just be the next on the cult status list.

Multitone Curls

Short haircut with multitone cupid curls
Cupid could not have created it any better. Seduction comes in the shape of thick, rich curls, well defined but slightly disheveled for that extra appealing effect. The volume sits all above the ears, yet a few flirtatious strands guide our eyes toward her neck and shoulders.
The depth and intensity of the movement in this short hairstyle are achieved by using dark and light tones of blonde to create a lot of light and shadow.

Moonlit Bob

Short bob haircut that brings attention to the eyes
The shape of the very short bob brings all attention to the eyes. This is achieved by the length of the fringe which also determines the widest part of the perimeter of this sassy short haircut.
With a styled-unstyled effect of styling the hair in an overlapping fashion in different directions. A silvery blonde hair color has a pearlescent shimmer, that seems to replicate the misty light of an August moon.

To Gel or not to Gel

Wet look for medium long women's hair
Go for the Gel. Wet looks are making a comeback and the best way to achieve this effect is by massaging a small amount of gel into the hair and letting it dry without any further disturbance. The base cut of this fresh hairstyle is a shoulder-length layered cut with a long fringe and just soft texture in the tips.
Silvery blonde highlights on the nutmeg blonde base illuminate the style and accentuate the backwards motion.

Lifted Up

Bob cut hair styled with uplifting
This literally uplifting look shows a different styling to the bob in the second picture. The short bob got a styling make-over and was lifted up on the roots to stand up high on top and to create backwards styled volume along the sides.
Gel is used to achieve a wet look in selected areas and it also helps with the hold. The graduated back is also lifted for a soft and wispy volume.

Look with Wildness

Short blonde hair styled with gelled sections
Gossamer lightness combined with seriously gelled sections and all styled to an abstract shape with a lot of movement that could have come out of Wassily Kandinsky's brush. Wildness and artistic creativity come together in this look which is appealing and avant-garde.

Say It Through Colors

Short hairstyle inspired by the 60s twiggy cut
The enduring and endearing 1960s twiggy cut and all its variations are a fashion trend once again, but not without a serious do-over.
Here it is the hair color that steals the show and takes the rounded lines and side-parted neatness of this classic short hairstyle way into the future. Warm copper meets cool gray, and the effect is astonishing.

Charming Short Pixie Haircut

Charming short pixie haircut with short bangs
Psychedelic melodies and the feeling of eternal freedom are evoked when looking at this dramatic, dizzyingly charming short pixie haircut. Pivoted around a high center in the back of the crown the hair falls loosely in all directions and its self-expression is only curbed by a lovely textured cutting line.
Especially the short fringe catches our attention. The hair color is a warm, light copper with strawberry blonde sprinkles.

Sleek All Over

Cool short haircut with the hair sleeked all over
A secret agent of style came across a cool short haircut and connected it with a vision. The result is a distinctly androgynous and hauntingly attractive look. Sleek all over with clean lines and a pomaded finish, the gamine flair mixed with intense femininity is nothing but arresting.
Hair: kpOchs
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