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Tim Hartley

Icon Show - Mondial Coiffure Beauté

International catwalks are only part of what inspires Tim Hartley to his designs. One of the greatest hairdressers on our planet, the former Sassoon hair-artist, creates hairstyles that demand attention. The vibrant colors and structural shapes go under ones skin and leave a lasting impression, like a haunting melody that one cannot get out of ones head.
  • steeply graduated neck
  • haircut with a cropped back
  • nostalgic hairstyle
  • smooth short hairstyle
  • long-short hair combination
  • new punk hairstyle
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Bright colors illuminate shapes that reflect minimalism as well as a strong dose of nostalgia. Hartley captures the zeitgeist like no other and translates fashion movements, as well as the tastes of the season into hair. Shapes are traditional with a make-over and lots of surprises and the styling is made in hair heaven.
In his collection for the 2010 Mondial show in Paris, Hartley presents short, geometric cuts, plays of different lengths, sensual movement and sublime stillness. Much emphasis is on the fringe and texture.
Hair: Tim Hartley for MCB Paris 2010