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Icon Show - Mondial Coiffure Beauté

Fashion hairstyles for the season
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International catwalks are only part of what inspires Tim Hartley to his designs. One of the greatest hairdressers on our planet, the former Sassoon hair artist, creates hairstyles that demand attention. The vibrant colors and structural shapes go under ones skin and leave a lasting impression, like a haunting melody that one cannot get out of ones head.
Bright colors illuminate shapes that reflect minimalism as well as a strong dose of nostalgia. Hartley captures the zeitgeist like no other and translates fashion movements, as well as the tastes of the season into hair. Shapes are traditional with a makeover and lots of surprises and the styling is made in hair heaven.
In his collection for the Mondial show in Paris, Hartley presents short, geometric cuts, plays of different lengths, sensual movement and sublime stillness. Much emphasis is on the fringe and texture.

Steeply Graduated Neck

Short women's haircut with a steeply graduated neck
Short female haircut with sideburns
A perpetual forward motion is expressed in simplicity with only two lines. One runs from the back, right above the steeply graduated neck, towards the front, where it turns into the cutting line of the deep fringe. The other one is captured in the forward angle of the choppy sideburns.
Ultra finetuned transitions and lengths sculpt the exquisite shape and the ruby red color, interspersed with golden tones, gives this short haircut an extravagant and glamorous sci-fi feel.

Cropped Back

Short hairstyle with a cropped back
The long and extremely short parts of this sculptural hairstyle bring with them the best of both worlds and are united in an elegant, sunset red harmony by the hand of a master.
While the sides and the back are cropped short to a smooth and velveteen surface, the front section explodes in a cascade of layered, free spirited and appealing waves that are flowing over one half of her face. Extravagant to the max, glamorous and unusually beautiful.

Nostalgic Hairstyle

Short and nostalgic bowl cut hairstyle
What could be more Parisian than this nostalgic haircut? Made of round curves, harmonious lines and more round styling, the short bowl cut is finesse pure.
Cut in one line from the short neck to the even shorter fringe and styled to glossy sleekness with a distinct inward curve at the tips, this old and new fashion icon received just a little more structure on the sides for a contemporary feel. Onyx black keeps the focus on the shape and is as timeless as the elegance of this look.

Smooth Short Hairstyle

Smooth short style for blonde hair
Minimalism comes to full play with the short, smooth and controlled shape of this neoclassic hairstyle. Gentle extremes make it unique. Very short and steep graduation provides a gamine touch to the sides and the back.
Longer, sleek hair graces the top and forms a smooth, round fringe at about mid-length of the forehead. A pale blonde radiates its soft light and blushes just a little bit towards the center of the crown in a pink hue.

Long-Short Hair Combination

Long-short combination for blonde hair
The glamour of grand events radiates in the exquisite shape of this long - short hair combination style. One of Tim Hartley's favorite fashion tools is to play with the lengths.
The short forward-jutting sides are in a brilliant contrast to the wavy, platinum glamour that twirls the top hair to retro Hollywood beauty. The outcome is an iconic hairstyle that is full of surprises which slowly reveal themselves with every turn of her head.

New Punk Haircut

New punk hairstyle
The new punk is softer and stylish, with a lot of texture and geometric shapes worked into the hair. Yet nothing of the original strength and boldness is lost.
The fringe is the focus, which is achieved by a steep corner cut into it on one side and it also leads the eye to the high rising volume of short textured hair in the back. Black is still the perfect color of choice for expressive and powerful looks.
Hair: Tim Hartley for MCB Paris
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