Le Graphique by Joico

Daring hairstyles with extravagant colors
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Joico's collection of hairstyles features dreamy shapes and colors with a whisper of sci-fi. It was inspired by the iconic works of French master stylist and designer - to name just a couple of his titles - Serge Lutens. Le Graphique distinguishes itself by being daring, dashing and displaying some of the most extravagant color combinations and patterns in the world of hair fashion.
Four haircuts are made of bold, precise lines and sharp edges that swing harmoniously with sensual curves and force-of-nature energy. The purple, black, blue, gold and silver hair hues are hypnotizing and exhilarating at the same time. Each cut is presented in three stylings which show its extreme versatility.

Fringe with Sharpened Point

Short haircut and a fringe with a sharpened point
A sharpened point in the middle of the fringe gives the smooth round hairstyle an instant futuristic and extravagant appeal. This is only topped by the complementary color combination of cool purple and warm copper tones, applied in wide but irregular streaks.
There is nothing irregular however about the cutting lines which are meticulously drawn from the short neck to the daring front. A peek-a-boo sideburn adds to the drama.

Fiery Hair Colors

Short hairstyle with fiery hair colors
This restyling does not seem to be the same short haircut, but it is. Instead of being styled snug behind the ear the longer sides are now sculpted to sharp curves with a catching momentum. The motion is intensified by the layers of dark and fiery hair colors that now appear in sheets, wide and marble like sections.

Punky Hairstyle

Punky styling for short hair with layers of color
Letting go of all of the control, our model now sports a wild and literally uplifting look, based on the same haircut as in the previous two photos. The layers of color appear to mix to a firework of purple and red and a playful choppiness throughout seals the deal.

Bright Copper Hair

Bright copper hair in a pixie cut
A gamine concept was translated into flowing feminine shapes with a ravishing result. The clear contour of the short haircut along the perimeter is only slightly interrupted by some soft texturing at the high part of the sweeping asymmetrical fringe.
Layers transition so well that they are almost invisible yet bring about the rounded fall of the hair in the back. The copper brightens up even more when confronted with the muted, cool colors of her make-up.

Rainbow of Hair Colors

Rainbow of hair colors
A radical restyling reveals a lot of surprises that were hidden by the flowing shapes of the last hairstyle. With the hair now directed in the opposite direction, a rainbow of previously unseen hair colors comes to the surface as well as a furry short side. The longer top hair, curled along its edge unfolds like a space age flower springs out of its bud.

Contrasting Hair Colors

Short cut with contrasting hair colors
Fluid motion from left to right works the contrasting hair colors into a new pattern that comes with the energy of a brand-new eruption of liquid lava. A more demure front transitions into wild motion of heavenly hair turmoil in the back.

Blue Hair Coloring

Short hair with blue and purple streaks
The base cut featured soft graduation, clear contours and diverse lengths to play with. This sleek styling shows off the radical smoothness and with that comes a brilliant shine. Black and blue are a perfect combination already but with a topping of glimmering blonde and a streak of purple hair color the effect is nothing less than breathtaking.

Angled Hair Color Streaks

Short hair with colorful angled streaks
The angled streaks display the full strength of the colorful palette which is enhanced in its intensity by the black background. Created with the hand of an artist it is the perfect adornment for culture-conscious women or whoever likes to present their extravagant side in a bold and daring way.

Lifted Up Side

Short haircut with a lifted up side
An adventure in shape and color unfolds with this diagonal styling. The real inner life of the short haircut is revealed by lifting up the side in wild flying colors.

Long & Short Hair Combo

Long and short hair combination in one cut
Ice cream colors - chocolate, caramel and vanilla are interspersed with thin layers of a raspberry tint and shaped to a long - short hair combo that intrigues with its graphical lines, angles and corners. Long sides connect to a long, diagonal fringe with a stylishly pointed dip on the side. The lower ends are heavily textured while the top section is blunt and linear.

Long Hair with Forward Motion

Long hair with forward styling
The intense forward motion reveals the refined color application technique. Layers, streaks and strands were finetuned to form a new intriguing pattern with every move and each type of styling.
Creative Stylist: Damien Carney - Joico
Color: Sue Pemberton
Products: Joico Design Line Collection & Vero K-PAK Color
Photography: Hama Sanders
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