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Le Graphique

Joico Cut, Shape and Color Collection

Joico's latest collection of hairstyles features dreamy shapes and colors with a whisper of sci-fi. It was inspired by the iconic works of French master stylist and designer - to name just a couple of his titles - Serge Lutens.
Le Graphique distinguishes itself by being daring, dashing and displaying some of the most extravagant color combinations and patterns in the world of hair fashion.
  • fringe with a sharpened point
  • fiery hair colors
  • punky look
  • bright copper hair
  • rainbow of hair colors
  • contrasting hair colors
  • hair with radical smoothness
  • angled hair color streaks
  • hair with lifting up of the side
  • long and short hair combo
  • forward motion hair styling
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Four haircuts are made of bold, precise lines and sharp edges that swing harmoniously with sensual curves and force-of-nature energy. The purple, black, blue, gold and silver hair hues are hypnotizing and exhilarating at the same time. Each cut is presented in three stylings which show its extreme versatility.
Creative Stylist: Damien Carney - Joico
Color: Sue Pemberton
Products: Joico Design Line Collection & Vero K-PAK Color
Photography: Hama Sanders