Diadema Spring Summer Hair Fashion

Practical hairstyles for summer
These chic summer hairstyles made in Italy will take you through the sunny season with a lot of style. Texture is the key as well as natural colors ranging from sunny, happy blondes to sultry, mysterious brunettes.
Elaborate up styles bring classic elegance to candle lit dinners or garden parties. Tapered shags and short tousles are modern, practical and unique.
There is a haircut for every type of woman and all are made for la dolce vita and make you look elegant, feminine and sassy at the office, at the gallery, on the beach, at a party or grand event.

Baroque Princess Look

French braid woven above the forehead
Updo with a French braid
Turn into a fairy tale princess of another dimension with this intricate and elaborate upstyle. It looks more complicated than it actually is, but the most challenging part of it is the French braid that is woven tight to the scalp above the forehead and along the sides towards the back where it tugs into a loosely slung scrunchy knot with large strands pulled out and styled.
The decorative back tendrils where flattened and slightly rounded with the help of a hot iron. A small tiara (also called diadem) takes this charming look to a whole new level.

Sculpted Coils

Updo for festive events
A more traditional up-style for festive events is this beautifully sculpted creation. Medium thick strands were twirled, coiled up and invisible fastened all over the back of the head. The top was styled with a little lift and the sides are slick and sleek, pulled behind the ears and tugged under.
Two open strands that were flattened to wide, soft ribbons caress the neck and add a trendy touch to the very classy, sophisticated, yet playful look.

Elevated Crown 60s Hairstyle

Shoulder length hair styled with a bump at the back
Casual elegance is the voice of this brunette shoulder length hairstyle. It comes with a memory of the 60s in its elevated crown. To achieve this the hair is parted at ear level from one side to the other to separate the front and the back.
The hair is then styled towards the back with an extra, teased or blow dried, lift at the roots to shape that charming little bump. The fringe was parted on the side to give it the dynamic and trendy diagonal flow, showing off its textured tips.

Medium Long Shag

Brown medium long shag sith deep bangs
A lot of faceframing texture and deep bangs give this shoulder length shag hairstyle its special vibe. The long textured fringe almost hides the eyes, but leaves enough room for a seductive glance.
The styling is extra straight and silky sleek which brings out the gentle texture of the tapering and the straight cutting line even more.
Looking at the warm radiance of the shiny walnut brown, just infused with one caramel colored streak on the side, no one will any longer say that blondes have all the fun.

Hairstyle with Beautiful Curls

Short blonde hairstyle with large curls
This rounded head of curls will get the VIP treatment anywhere. The large curls are well defined and just gently separated with the fingers or a curl pick. The haircut is short enough to let our model stay cool, it is seductive without being to fairy tale sweet.
This is a hairstyle for a self confident, passionate and determined woman who knows her own strengths and does not make any compromises.

Medium Long Hair with Curls

Medium long blonde hair style with curls
Medium long curls and waves come with all the luxury that coiled blonde tresses can have, but keep it low on the drama and the diva energy. This elegant and flattering hairstyle is casual, speaks of an active lifestyle, a great fashion sense and an innate playfulness.
Gentle sensuality radiates with the pinkish platinum that can illuminate a whole room with its brilliant shine.

Retro Brunette Hairstyle

Brunette shoulder long hairstyle with 70s flair
Fascinating large curls flow towards the back and infuse the hair with airy volume and a hint of retro. To achieve this balanced cascade the hair was cut in long layers starting at the cheekbones.
The partition is drawn in an exquisite angle that reaches the forehead right at the temple. The long fringe is draped close to the head with a gentle curve and 70's flair.

Fashionable Short Haircut

Fashionable short haircut for blonde hair
Fresh and sexy short haircut
Short hair with the ears barely covered
Some women just look irresistible with very short hair. This fashionable short haircut is already a classic in its category and comes across as fresh, sassy and sexy. The hair was cut with long layers to get the dynamic movement and soft volume.
The sides are short so that the ears are barely covered. The tips of the hair were textured with determination all around to loosen up the surface and create much visual interest in the delicious vanilla blonde coif.

Long Straight Haircut

Long blonde hair with streaks and a smooth surface
Long hair with a side part
The smooth surface of this long haircut with a stunning side part is the perfect canvas for the play of colors in the hair. Streaks range from a sweet vanilla blond to a caramel- nutmeg shade and remind of the grain in precious woods. The cutting line is straight and lets the hair touch the shoulders with its intensely textured tips.
A hint of 1980s high school hairstyles is in the youthful fringe that falls across the face in a smooth diagonal line and has its ends rolled backwards in a mini homage to Farah Fawcett.

Youthful Hairstyle

Long sleek hair parted high on the crown
The sleek lines accentuate the face of the model with their soft but distinct texture. Parted high on the crown towards the temple the asymmetric fringe is also softened along the edges by he skillful use of a razor sharp instrument.
The hair color is a mild dark blonde with ash blonde accents. A sophisticated but youthful long hairstyle that will make it anywhere and for all occasions.

Wispy Long Hairstyle

Long brown hair with wispy styling
The sleek hairstyle in the previous picture focused on showing off its texture. This version is just a couple of styling steps away from it. Texturizing styling products that also help with the lasting volume together with the creative use of a blow dryer and round brush brought in the wispy lightness and motion of the strongly textured layers.

Wearable Long Haircut

Wearable long tapered hairstyle for mahogany brown hair
Head turning in its simplicity and pure beauty this rounded haircut can make it on the red carpet or at the bistro. One of the most wearable, uncomplicated and yet elegant looks is a round, tapered hairstyle with deep bangs and light texturing at the ends.
It was an instant classic and can be styled in many ways and easily spruced up with the more or less daring use of color and hair color effects. Here the dark mahogany was lightened up a touch with a few streaks in warm amber.
Hair: Diadema Hair Fashion
Art Director: Fabio Messina
Photography: Stefano Bidini
Make-up: 20100Milano
Extension: ZeropiĆ¹