Art Rock by Haute Coiffure Fran├žaise

Rock and roll hairstyles
Rock and roll is here to stay and this collection proves it. These hairstyles truly implement the symbol of freedom. Rock is all about rejecting authority and these styles capture the rebelliousness that rock and rollers strive for.
When it comes to rock, it is all about the hair. Think about rock stars for a minute and you will discover that one of the things you remember the most about them is the style of their hair.
The best part about this collection is that it incorporates both men and women's hairstyles, as rock is not gender specific. Offering powerful images, this collection is sure to make people stand up and take notice. Art Rock Collection embodies the legend.

Dynamic Short Hairstyle

Dynamic short rock hairstyle for brown hair
Rock inspired pixie cut
By using an unusual part mixed with various lengths this short haircut captures the essence of rock. The style is very dynamic and fierce. The hair color is an intense brown with subtle highlights to set the look off.

Hairstyle for an Unkempt Look

Short hair styled for an unkempt look
When you are rocking out your hair is bound to end up messy. This short hairstyle is the perfect unkempt look. The style uses long lengths on top mixed with shorter edges to create a tussled and truly rock out style.

Long Hairstyle

Glam style for long hair with varying lengths
When it comes to rock and roll icons, long hair says it all. This hairstyle captures the glamour of thetar. The style is cut into varying lengths to give it more texture. The color worn by this young woman is a dark brown highlighted with lighter shades throughout.

Men's Hairstyle

Classic short haircut for men
Simple short men's hairstyle
This is a simple and classic short male haircut. Different parts give the style its unique features.
The cut can be worn two ways, either up or down, depending on how the parts are styled. The up style lifts the parts up and the down places them to the side.
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