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Short Graduated Crop

Step by step guide on how to cut a short graduated crop with a versatile sweeping fringe from Stacey Broughton,
short crop with graduation

A short graduated crop full of technique, discipline and a well worked disconnected L-shaped panel. The end result is a short and elegant, weightless graduated shape with a versatile sweeping fringe. This is a truly beautiful and versatile cut, that can be dressed up, down and all around...
Katie before the cut and colour.
short crop - before the haircut short crop - step 1
Step 1
Sectioning< Create an L-shape section across the front of the head and back into the crown on one side. The left hand side begins in the temple and follows the round of the head to just below the crown. The horizontal of the L-shape runs across the front of the head from temple to temple and is approximately three centimetres deep. Please note the side tapers around the crown area.
Step 2
Begin on the right-hand side, taking a diagonal section from the top of the temple to just in front of the ear following the hairline. Elevate this section and pull it straight out. This increases the graduation of the internal shape. Please note your first section defines your internal graduation and needs to be planned according to the individuals bone structure and hair texture. Graduation is a flexible tool.
short crop - step 2 short crop - step 3
Step 3
Then take parallel sections using the previous section as a guide using a small amount of over-direction. Please note Stacey angles his fingers in so the longer point is at the top of the section.
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