James Larson for Hair Expo Australia

Winning hairstyles
A finalist of the Hair Expo was the outrageously talented James Larson from Canberra. James loves tattoos and beautiful women with great hair. And he knows how to make their tresses even more stunning. Equipped with unlimited imagination, a deep sense for esthetics and fashion, James made his grand debut and is on his way to an amazing carreer.
His winning looks are a selection of exaggerated favorites of decades past. The best of the best from the 30s, 50s, 60s, 80s and today were the inspiration for his artistic hairstyles that are all boasting big texture, high volume and fun with fashion.
Masterful handling of scissors and styling equipment were just as important as picking the perfect color. Larson's choices are subtle yet intense hues that do not overpower the style but give it even more power and vibrating energy.

Floating Quiff

Short blonde hair with a retro quiff
Forget gravity. James Larson disables this force of nature with his skilled creation of a retro quiff that reminds us of the 50s hairdos but due to its sheer size and airiness also has a very baroque flavor.
This stormy, curly, fluffy top was combined with very contemporary short and textured sides and back / nape sections. The platinum hair color underlines the ethereal, dreamy quality of this winning short hairstyle.

Textured Shorty

Short layered hair styled towards the front
With the epicenter high on the crown the short, gently layered hair streams around the head with much definition and one destination. Top and sides are styled towards the front to frame the face with choppy texturing.
Eyes and cheekbones become the center of attention only rivaled by the warm glowing chestnut color of the hair. A blonde strand along the fringe looks as if the sun had kissed it.

Modern Flowerchild

Long hairstyle with a center part
The long, center parted hair that became popular in the 60s received a modern makeover under the skilled hands of James Larson. He added more lift and volume to the crown and much definition to the curls that are cascading over the shoulders in unrestricted power.
Slightly textured tips and a narrow headband complete this free flowing masterpiece, which glows in a rich ash blonde.

Just Below the Cheekbones

Just below the cheekbones haircut with curls
Beautifully sculpted curls are cut just below the cheekbones and come with a generous helping of delightful vintage flavor. A celebration of fashion, art and dancing under the full moon. This look cannot help but enchant in its raven glow.
As youthful as its concept may be, the forward jutting locks of the side-parted bob are as timeless as all works of real beauty are.

Power to Purple

Spiky pixie cut with purple hues
High spikes with smooth sides are a captivating contrast. For this pixie James Larson heavily textured the hair on top, which increases slightly in length from the back of the crown to the fringe.
With the right process and styling products the top hair lifts of weightlessly and spreads its feelers towards fashion heaven. A bright plum color with darker and lighter accents for extra dimension lets this casual, sassy short haircut stand out.

Radiance with Volume

Short hair with an aundercut nape and a rounded back
A classic round cut turns heads after a special treatment by James Larson. The addition of gentle layers and an undercut in the nape add more volume and structure to the style. The short bangs expose the eyebrows.
Styling focuses on movement and volume, most of which boosts the rounded back. In comes the color - a masterful mix of cool graphite, warm brassy blonde on a nutmeg base will make memories.
Hair: James Larson
Salon: Next Hair, Canberra
Photo Source: Hair Expo Australia