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James Larson

Hair Expo Australia

A finalist of the 2009 Hair Expo was the outrageously talented James Larson from Canberra. James loves tattoos and beautiful women with great hair. And he knows how to make their tresses even more stunning.
Equipped with unlimited imagination, a deep sense for esthetics and fashion, James made his grand debut and is on his way to an amazing carreer.
  • hair with a retro quiff
  • short hair styled towards the front
  • long center parted hair
  • sexy short curls
  • purple hair with high spikes
  • rounded back for short hair
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His winning looks are a selection of exaggerated favorites of decades past. The best of the best from the 30s, 50s, 60s, 80s and today were the inspiration for his artistic hairstyles that are all boasting big texture, high volume and fun with fashion.
James Larson evokes a rebellious sensuality and creates his looks to enhance the outer beauty of each woman by bringing to light the inner beauty.
Masterful handling of scissors and styling equipment were just as important as picking the perfect color. Larson's choices are subtle yet intense hues that do not overpower the style but give it even more power and vibrating energy.
Hair: James Larson
Salon: Next Hair, Canberra
Photo Source: Hair Expo Australia