"Identity" by Shampoo by Michel Dervyn

Simple short hairstyles for men and women
Here we have a collection of short, trendy hairstyles from the folks at Shampoo by Michel Dervyn, called simply, "Identity". The looks are simple, sassy and have a mod feel reminiscent of the 60s and early 70s hair fashions. Common features include razor-cut texture, wispy, elongated perimeters and soft, "edgy" finishes.
As one might expect of a collection of short hair styles, the collection features both women's and men's styles and showcases the subtleties of styling for each gender in this genre. Color, too, plays an important role in these looks, but is kept to the natural spectrum rather than using bolder, accent techniques.

Pixie Crop

Razor cut pixie with elongated points
Pixie for auburn hair
Pixie with tapered layering
This warm, auburn pixie crop is razor-cut and offers elongated perimeter points and smooth, tapered layering. This cut is all about the perimeter lines and the softness and diffuse nature thereof. The fringe follows a wavy line along the brow with a dip between the eyes, and point-cut texture to give a flattering, almost organic outline to the face.
The layers are styled for smoothness overall with some redirection of the top and crown to add a touch of height and visual interest. The rich color features subtle variance of coppery highlights and warm brown low-lighting in what appears to be a possible baylayage application technique.

Short Razor-Cut Hairstyle

Short razor-cut hairstyle with sideburns
Short hairstyle with a sharp fringe
This sable-hued, razor-cut crop with nutty-brown highlighting features a cleaner, sharper fringe line that just brushes the upper lashes of the eyes. The steep layering of the razor-cut sides gives a rounded look and feel to the silhouette and diffuses the lines of the perimeter as we move away from the face.
The sideburns are elongated and designed to trace the jaw line and accentuate the cheekbones, while the tapered, softened nape section helps to elongate the appearance of the neck. The overall effect is one of a "mod look" with a significant measure of gracefulness.


Blonde pixie cut with bangs and extra bulk
Blonde pixie with bangs
Pixie with a long fringe
Blonde pixie with layers
This pale blonde, razor cut follows the pixiecut tradition with extra bulk in the top section. In the back and sides, the layers are a little choppy, to give some visual interest, while the top sections layering is smoother and creates a soft curve and somewhat plume-like finish.
The perimeter of the cut is wispy and diffuse with slightly more solidity across the brow in the fringe area. The styling likely consists of a blow-out with a round brush and a volumizing mousse followed by a touch of pomade or sculpting paste to give the strands and layers a little added definition.


Pixie cuts
Let's take a new look at Hairstyles 1 through 3 again in a revamped styling. Where the previous styling focused on creating smoother, softer, silhouettes, these looks show the variety available even in such a dramatic (and shorter) cut.
The pixie cuts are restyled, amping up the volume and the visual interest by redirecting the hair in different ways and emphasizing the texture of the cut. The primary difference is likely in the product used and the finishing techniques.
A firmer hold product will be needed for the more elevated looks and a touch of pomade or additional smoothing serum can be raked through the hair to add definition and create points in the styling.

Men's Look

Pixie for men
Men's haircut with razor texture
In the first of our men's looks from the Identity collection, we see this razor cut with something of a masculine version of the pixie-style cut seen earlier. The primary differences in this and the previous women's cuts is that the perimeter texture is less diffuse, giving the edges a more solid appearance, without being truly blunt. The cut retains its razor texture, but has an overall feeling of boldness and solidity.
The color is a carefully accented blend of sable and chestnut highlights, strong enough to give depth to the color, without looking too contrived. The hair is styled with a blow-out technique focusing on smoothness, and likely employing a smoothing serum to give the hair a glossy finish. A dab of gel or pomade to the dried hair will offer some definition to the strands and help to give some control and prevent fly-away hairs.

Short Layered Men's Haircut

Short men's haircut with layers
Men's haircut for thick hair
This look is a neo-classic: a short-layered razor cut designed to create an almost fur-like quality to the hair. The cut works best on very straight, thick, medium-to-coarse hair types, especially among those of Latino or Asian descent.
The cut follows the traditional men's perimeter lines, but the razor tool results in an imprecise finish to the cut and an overall soft, fuzzy quality. With blow-dry styling and a smoothing serum to control frizz and add shine, you can keep the soft silhouette without a puff-ball look.

Haircut with Ease of Styling

Long and easy to style shag haircut for men
Our last men's look of the collection harkens back to the days of the "shag". The razor-cut layers create a diffuse, feathery feel in the longer layered style. With a weight line falling around ear level and dipping to the occipital bone in back, the look is a cross between the classic mop-top and the later shag-do.
It's a look that carries a classic "rocker" feel and is designed to be worn by those who want to look constantly harried, as if everyone constantly tried to run their fingers through the hair. It's got all the goods: ease of styling, a flattering silhouette, and devilishly-sexy charm.
Hairstyles: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn