Elegant Soft Crop

Audrey Hepburn crop inspired pixie haircut
Step by step guide on how to cut an elegant soft crop with short round uniform layer and conical crown, from Stacey Broughton, myhairdressers.com
An essential, basic, but beautiful shape. Combining street-chic and the classic images of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, we use simple yet precise cutting techniques that can be achieved by hairdressers of any level. The result is a fitted, elegant, soft crop (pixie cut) with emphasis on the conical interior, which enhances the head shape.
Pixie before the haircut
Before: Andrea before the haircut.
Pixie cut - How to section the hair
Step 1: Create a circular section in the crown, then two horizontal sections through the sides from the circle to the temples.
Pixie - How to begin the cut
Step 2: Begin by taking a vertical section from crown to nape. Pull the hair straight out and cut a flat square line to the head shape.
Pixie - Cut parallel sections
Step 3: Using parallel sections, repeat the same process on the subsequent sections, working round towards the ear. Please note that the circular crown section enables you to work accurately to the round of the head.
Pixie cut - Cross check your work
Step 4: Once you have reached the round of the head, cross-check your work.
Pixie cut - Maintain balance
Step 5: Repeat the same process on the second side in order to maintain balance between the two sides.
Pixie cutting angle
Step 6: Now return to the first side and work with parallel sections with the same process towards the back of the ear. Please note that the angle slightly changes from vertical to diagonal as you work, following the round of the head.
Pixie - Cut the side
Step 7: Repeat this process on the second side.
Pixie cut technique
Step 8: Return to the first side and using the same technique, work through into the front.
Pixie - Cut to frame the face
Step 9: Once you reach the front hairline, apply slight over-direction which effectively softens the perimeter to gently frame the face.
Pixie cutting technique
Step 10: Repeat the same process on his second side.
Pixie - Cut a clean outline
Step 11: Next, refine the perimeter in the back, using freehand techniques and working with the natural growth patterns, ensuring a clean tailored outline.
Pixie cut - Refine the outline around the ear
Step 12: Refine the outline around the ear with the same techniques. Please note how Stacey is careful and visually aware when refining.
Pixie - Cut the top area
Step 13: Next, work with the top area. Take a side section from the crown to the front hairline, elevate the hair and cut a square line. Note that Stacey has chosen this line as he has carefully observed the growth patterns and wishes to achieve a flattened tailored effect which reflects the natural parting.
Pixie - Follow the roundness of the crown
Step 14: Please note that as you work across the head, you should follow the roundness of the crown section.
Pixie cut in progress
Step 15: Work approximately five sections.
Pixie cutting technique
Step 16: Now, work with the same technique on the under-side of the line, completing this section with a little over-direction, creating weight where the head rounds.
Pixie - Cut wit over-directing
Step 17: Next, return to the top and continue with parallel sections, over-directing as you go.
Pixie - Create corners on the side
Step 18: As you are cutting a square line, you will create corners in the side areas, which you will later refine.
Pixie - Connect top to side areas
Step 19: Then refine the corners, connecting the top to the side areas.
Pixie - Free-hand cutting of the fringe
Step 20: Work free-hand techniques with the fringe area.
Pixie - Cut the crown area
Step 21: Now move to the crown area.
Pixie - Cut towards the back
Step 22: Take a section from the centre of the circular section to the front and, using the front area as a guide, cut a line from short to long towards the back.
Pixie - Create a conical shape on the crown
Step 23: Using the front of this line as a guide, pivot the subsequent sections on either side and cut from short to long to create a conical shape in the centre of the crown.
Pixie - Connect the back to the crown
Step 24: Repeat this process on the bottom of the circle, connecting the back to the crown.
Pixie cutting
Step 25: Repeat this process on the two sides of the circular section.
Pixie cut - dry the hair
Step 26: Now dry the hair, using a Red Leopard print Corioliss dryer.
Very short pixie cut
Finish: The result is a fitted elegant soft pixie cut with emphasis on the conical interior which enhances the head shape.
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