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Elegant Soft Crop

Step by step guide on how to cut an elegant soft crop with short round uniform layer and conical crown from Stacey Broughton,
Audrey Hepburn crop inspired haircut

An essential, basic but beautiful shape. Combining street-chic and the classic images of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, we use simple yet precise cutting techniques that can be achieved by hairdressers of any level. The result is a fitted elegant soft crop with emphasis on the conical interior which enhances the head shape.
Andrea before the haircut.
elegant crop - before the haircut elegant crop - step 1
Step 1
Create a circular section in the crown then two horizontal sections through the sides from the circle to the temples.
Step 2
Begin by taking a vertical section from crown to nape. Pull the hair straight out and cut a flat square line to the head shape.
elegant crop - step 2 elegant crop - step 2
Step 3
Using parallel sections repeat the same process on the subsequent sections working round towards the ear. Please note the circular crown section enables you to work accurately to the round of the head.
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