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New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year 2009

Selection of Finalists Photos

New Zealand might be as isolated as can be from the international fashion hubs, but the stylists from this enchanted land have their finger right on the pulse of trends and even plant the seeds for new trends to come.
  • crown hair moved towards the front
  • blunt cut transparent blonde bob
  • short hairstyle to make a statement
  • long curly style for hair
  • feminine short crop
  • platinum white hair and an eye-long fringe
  • trendy short hairstyle
  • short blonde hair with spikes
  • spicy redhead
  • layered chin length hair cut
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The finalists for New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year show us a collection of hairstyles as diverse and spectacular as the unforgettable landscapes of their home in the very south of the Pacific Ocean.
Curls, straights, textures and linear, geometrical cuts gleam in the colors of intense nature in its wildest and purest form. Blondes, reds and black are dominant and rarely mixed. The cuts are strong enough to stand alone without much color play.
Purity of form and color is the message. And it is a convincing one. Made for demanding and confident women worldwide.
Photo Source: Hair Expo Australia