"Graphik" by Shampoo by Michel Dervyn

Today's hair fashion
The "Graphik" collection from Shampoo by Michel Dervyn is a study in texture and geometric design. The looks are a melding of curved lines and clean edges with deep textures and silky finishes.
From the super-short, gamine cuts for her, to the mussed and seductive crops for him, these styles are hip and up-to-the-minute without being too trendy.
The styles combine classic elements with modern techniques to create looks that are relevant to today's fashion sensibilities. The styles may not be suited to everyone, but they do have a near-universal appeal.

Cropped Blonde Locks

Blonde pixie cut
Super short blonde hair
Short haircut with simple styling
Creamy blonde locks cropped super short with a fine-grained texturing form the medium for this gamine cut. The longer forelock and smoothly curved perimeter lines feel organic - almost as if the hair grew naturally into this style, with no encouragement. The look is both dramatic and classic, invoking the image of such pop icons as Annie Lennox and David Bowie without seeming dated or retro.
The styling is simple. The hair is blown straight with a texturing product and then plied with added product to give definition to the layers and enhance the appearance of the style. The definition avoids a "fuzzy" look and allows the style to appear clean, and controlled.

Creative Styling

Blown-out style for versaatile short blonde hair
Short top-weighted haircut
When you consider styles that are versatile, you generally picture styles with some length to the hair, which allows for greater possibilities in styling and creating varied looks from the same cut. However, even gamine crops can get a whole new outlook from some creative styling techniques. Here we see the previous short haircut in a reworked vision.
The short hair is blown-out to maximize the volume and break away from the "close-cropped" appearance of the previous incarnation. A volumizing, sculpting product is used to create structure and allow the construction of the peaks shown here, which serve as a focal point for the style. The overall effect is of a soft, diffused finish with an edgy twist.

Short Top-Weighted Hairstyle

Top of the ears pixie haircut
Top of the ears haircut
Short hairstyle for a brunette
Short haircut with layers
This pixie look is dramatic without seeming drastic. The short, top-weighted style features a "bowl-like" cut whose weight line falls at the tops of the ears as it travels around the head. The lower portions are finely layered to create simple, feathery finishes around the perimeter and the upper sections are layered for a feathery look as well. Yet the real attraction here comes from the color work.
The base color - a deep, cool sable - is enhanced with a warm, burnished-copper tone in the forward sections. The effect is gentle, yet unmistakably warm and inviting. The intricacy of the color application with its perfectly-blended strands adds a level of visual interest that makes the whole look far greater than the sum of its parts.

Coppery Crop

Short hairstyle with clean lines
Short hairstyle with a long curved fringe
This coppery short hairstyle is characterized by crisp, clean lines and carefully, controlled styling. The long curved fringe and pseudo-bob cut along the sides give the whole look a chic, artistic feel. The hair is side-parted and styled for complete smoothness, to create a satiny finish and highlight the dimensional quality of the color.
The look is both dramatic and classic. To create the look, begin by blow-drying the hair with a flat brush and smoothing serum to combat frizz. Make sure to keep the angles of air-flow low to minimize volume. Finish the look with a flat iron to give a glossy, sleek line.

Wild Style for Short Hair

Wild styling for a short haircut
Once again, we see the power of restyling and the dramatic differences in look possible with a single cut. The clean-edged cut showcased so smoothly in the previous look is now reborn into the wild child style shown here. Blown-out with structuring product to build volume and fullness, the hair is sculpted into a froth of curved layers that crisscross in artfully random patterns.
The dimensionality of the hair color - whose fine-grained striations were showcased eloquently in the previous style - becomes a diffuse glow of warmth under the lighting, adding fire to the style. This is a style that is truly amped up to full volume.

Natural Feel Men's Style

Men's hairstyle with tapered layering
Natural hairstyle for a young man
Blonde men's hairstyle
The flowing locks of a golden-haired youth that could have stepped from the lines of a poem by Lord Byron himself. This man's cut is a current interpretation of the neo-classic "devil-lock" style. Characterized by the long forelock with tapered layering, the hairstyle is classic in its broad-spectrum suitability for many different men.
The longer-on-top, shorter-back-and-sides cut is a classic and a staple among men's haircuts. It is simply the specific details of this basic premise that create the various looks. In this case, the sides and back are tapered without the normal blocky, defined perimeter lines. The result is a style that has a natural feel to it. It is appealing without looking contrived.

Feathery Look for Men

Feathery blown out style for men's hair
Soft short hairstyle for men
Once more we see the way in which a simple look is transformed with a different styling technique. The devil-lock cut from the previous style is revisited with a twist here. While the previous incarnation focused on smooth styling and accentuating the gentle curved lines, this reworking of the cut adds volume and emphasizes the texture of the layers and the overall shape of the silhouette.
The hair is blown out with a flat brush after being plied with a structuring product. This grants the hair added substance and helps the locks to stand out on their own. The finished look is feathery and diffuse, giving softness to the hairstyle that is brooding and romantic.

Up-To-Date Men's Look

Up-to-date men's hairstyle
Men's haircut with choppy texture
Men's haircut with layering
Here we see a shining example of the modern influence on the classic men's haircut. The layered style follows traditional perimeter lines but is executed with a razor tool and given choppy texture in the layering.
Styling is simple: blow dry the hair using a strong-hold styling gel and vented brush to create a full, soft mass of hair. After the hair is dry, take a dab of pomade or styling wax and rake the fingers through the hair to give definition to the layers and to reshape locks into an artful series of peaks along the center top section. The finished look is up-to-date without seeming trendy, and is flattering without being too predictable.
Hairstyles: Shampoo by Michel Dervyn