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"Graphik" Collection

Shampoo by Michel Dervyn

The "Graphik" collection from Shampoo by Michel Dervyn is a study in texture and geometric design. The looks are a melding of curved lines and clean edges with deep textures and silky finishes.
From the super-short, gamine cuts for her, to the mussed and seductive crops for him, these styles are hip and up-to-the-minute without being too trendy.
  • very short blonde hair
  • blown-out short hair
  • top-weighted short haircut
  • short crop with a long fringe
  • wild style for short hair
  • natural hair look for men
  • blown out hair for men
  • up-to-date look for men
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The styles combine classic elements with modern techniques to create looks that are relevant to today's fashion sensibilities. The styles may not be suited to everyone, but they do have a near-universal appeal.
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