Prism Effect by Arteasecolors

Hair color with lasting results
The artease®colors artistic team of Los Angeles, California proudly unveils "Prism Effect" - a debut collection featuring hair color with no reservations. Using the new professional arteasecolors line, the team created an array of looks with rich, color-infused hues.
A premium boutique line, arteasecolors features an easy to use system with predictable and long lasting results. The extremely low ammonia content is gentle on hair, while mostly natural ingredients allow the pigment to more effectively bond with hair and not oxidize or quickly fade. The end result is rich, shiny color with unmatched longevity.

Reddish Copper Hair

Radiant red hair wit long layers
Ashley's fine hair was a natural level 8 with some previously colored highlights. Gerd Hoher, arteasecolors president and founder, richened up her color by using equal parts arteasecolors 88/43 (intensive light red copper) with 7-volume developer, applying the formula all over the hair from the regrowth to the ends. He processed the color with heat for 10 minutes, then rinsed and towel-dried.
Next he mixed 15 grams arteasecolors 88/43 (intensive light red copper) with 15 grams 20-volume in one bowl, and 15 grams of booster 043 (red gold), 15 grams of 8/34 (light gold red) with equal parts of 20-volume developer in another bowl. To give a tone-on-tone dimension, Gerd applied one of each formula to alternating slices of hair randomly placed over the top of Ashley's head. He processed for 15 minutes at room temperature then rinsed, shampooed, and towel-dried. The end result is a delicately dimensional, light reddish copper.
For Ashley's haircut, Gerd applied long layers with heavy and side swept fringe and flat-wrapped while blow-drying to instill a soft volume. Leaving the fringe straight, a thermal activated styling spray was dusted onto sections of dry hair before alternating curl direction using two different sizes of curling irons. Once the entire head was done, styling paste was used to lightly break up the soft movement through her hair.

Pearl Blonde Hair

Pearl blonde hair for a punky crop cut
Arteasecolors colorist Dee Lescault took Jessica's color to a brilliant new level. She lifted her natural level 6 hair with arteasecolors cream bleach with arteasecolors 7-volume (1.9% peroxide) color activator applied just to the regrowth and processed at room temperature until a pale clear yellow was reached.
Once rinsed, shampooed and conditioned, Dee toned from the regrowth to the ends applying with a brush with arteasecolors 12/81 (silver), which was processed for 20 minutes at room temperature and rinsed, shampooed and towel-dried. The end result is ravaging pearl blonde that is sure to turn heads.
For Jessica's style, arteasecolors Artistic Director Stephen Mendelson created a "punky Prada" inspiration with a carefully sculpted crop haircut done completely with scissors. He blow-dried the hair very flat and close to the head with a Denman brush. To finish, he used gloss over the surface and then built up product from there to create more texture, dimension and movement as desired.

Starlet Inspired Look

Blonde hair with long layers and permed curls
For Justine, Dee started with a natural level 7 color with some previous highlights. To bring up the blonde, she created delicate halos of color, starting at the hairline working up in 1/2 inch sections.
For the first halo, she alternated between Justine's base color and a highlight, which involved 20 grams of arteasecolors powder bleach with 40 grams arteasecolors 7-volume activator. The second halo was applied with 20 grams arteasecolors 12/81 (ultra lift silver) with 40 grams arteasecolors 40-volume developer.
For the third halo, 20 grams arteasecolors 10/0 light blonde with a dash 081 (silver concentrate) with 20 grams arteasecolors 30-volume developer was used while the forth halo involved 20 grams arteasecolors 9/0 with 20 grams arteasecolors 20-volume developer. She processed without heat for about 45 minutes (checking often) until the proper level was reached, and then rinsed, shampooed, and towel-dried Justine's hair.
Next Dee went back through and applied a low light using 30 grams arteasecolors 8/73 (medium golden blonde) and grams arteasecolors 7-volume activator, which was woven diagonally through the entire head. She processed without heat for 20 minutes, then again rinsed, shampooed, conditioned, and towel-dried.
For Justine's haircut, Gerd applied long layers to give her a soft, commercial edge. To create a wavy starlet inspired look, he set Justine's wet hair on the largest perm rods available using a working spray on each section. He took large irregular sections to minimize any demarcation lines later. Once the curl was set, Gerd undid the rollers and worked back through with his fingers piecing each curl as desired. To finish the style and instill a softer wave, Gerd ran a brush through Justine's hair.

Deep Brown Hair Color

Short graduated bob for deep brown hair - side view
Sam's natural level 6 hair had previous color in a very dark brown hue with some bleached pieces. Gerd wanted to create a lively, but deep color without looking flat. Using arteasecolors, he mixed 30 grams of 3/0 (dark brown) with 15 grams of 3/6 (deep violet brown) with 45 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume (1.9% peroxide) color activator.
He applied the color all over from the regrowth to the ends and processed for 25 minutes at room temperature, then rinsed, shampooed, conditioned, and towel-dried. The end result is a very rich and lively, but deep brown hair color with healthy-looking luster.
Sam's haircut is a very current short graduated look with longer disconnected pieces at the side and a short, cropped fringe. To style, the hair was flat wrapped while blow-drying with a Denman brush. Once dry, a small amount of finishing paste was used to define the style.

Brown Hair with Shine

Long shattered cut for shiny brown hair
Darsan's natural level 3 hair had some highlights and previous color. Dee started her new look with a level 4 neutral base then added panels of purple, wine red, and blue black in the fringe to create dimension.
To start off the look, Dee isolated three large panels in the fringe and applied one each of the following formulas:
•  Purple Formula: 5 grams arteasecolors 4/6 with a healthy dash of 001 blue concentrate and 5 grams arteasecolors 7-volume color activator.
•  Red Formula: arteasecolors 5 grams of 55/46 (level 5 intense red violet) with 5 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume color activator.
•  Blue Black Formula: 5 grams of level 3/0 (darkest brown) with a dash of 001 blue concentrate with arteasecolors 7-volume color activator.
For the base formula Dee used 40 grams of arteasecolors 4/0 (medium brown) with 40 grams arteasecolors 7-volume color activator. She applied this formula everywhere else (except panels in foil) from the regrowth to ends and processed for 30 minutes at room temperature, then rinsed, shampooed, etc. The end result is a deep, rich brown with subtle dimension and radiant shine.
Darsan's long haircut, by Stephen is very bold with different levels of geometric bangs or fringe. This shattered look is also heavily layered for lots of movement. To create a "rock & roll" edge, Stephen flat-wrapped Darsan's hair while blow-drying, and then pieced out with styling paste until the desired style was achieved.

Milk Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Youthful sleek long cut and a chocolate brown hair color
For Brittany, Dee started with previously colored level 7 hair in a copper shade. She started by separating the fringe area and pre-lightening with 10 grams of arteasecolors powder bleach with 20 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume activator, processing for approximately 10 minutes at room temperature.
Once lifted, the fringe was toned with 5 grams of arteasecolors 7/0 (medium blonde), 10 grams of 7/7(medium blonde brown) with 15 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume activator. The toner was applied with a brush from the regrowth to the ends in the fringe.
For the rest of Brittany's hair, 40 grams 5/77 (light intense brown) base with 40 grams of arteasecolors 7-volume color activator was applied from regrowth to ends. Both formulas were processed for 30 minutes at room temperature, then rinsed, shampooed, conditioned and towel-dried. The end result is a luscious milk chocolate brown with rich caramel coniac fringe.
Brittany's long haircut by Stephen is very bold with strong lines with a youthful yet commercial edge. Although heavily layered all over, the emphasis with this cut is on Brittany's eyes, which are boldly framed with the fringe.
To create a sleek style, the hair was flat-wrapped while blow-drying to coax a rounded flavor. Once dry, the strands were flat ironed and pieced lightly with styling paste.
Arteasecolors Artistic Team - Los Angeles, CA (USA)
Hair: Gerd Hoher, Stephen Mendelson & Dee Lescault
Make up: Noriko Kerns - Rex Agency
Fashion: Elana
Photo: Taggart Winterhalter for Purely Visual