Distilled Collection by Wella

Hair colors
Distillation brings out the pure spirit in liquids. The collection by Wella is aimed to distil the personality and enhance the beauty of women with a line-up of six fabulous hairstyles.
The hair colors resemble the prism of light with hues including amber, cognac and blonde refined to pure white. Peachy hues flatter the complexion and reds turn on the heat.
The cuts are soft without any restrictive lines or edges. Layers and fine textures allow the hair to develop its volume and move about with effortless ease. These looks exude optimism and a zest for life in playful sophistication.

Distilled Black

Black hair with brown color accents
Hair cut in a bob shape
This expression of carefree elegance can hardly be topped. Cut in a bob shape the hair is fully textured and layered throughout to fall softly and move with ease. She can let the long front fall into her face, or lavishly drape it back.
Movement makes this cut come to life and it is made to be played with. Do not hesitate to run your fingers through it, because each touch reveals a new aspect of the amazing shape. The black inner color looks very tender with the dark brown accents, which are placed into some of the tips.

Enlightened Brunette

Long shag cut with layers
Hair with the long fringe curled sideways
Soft and wild layers are inspired by a shag cut with shorter layers around the face and sleeker lengths falling below her shoulders. This generates a most interesting shape with much wispy movement around her head and a soothing, long and relaxed cascade of partially separated tendrils.
More excitement is generated with the combination of a dark walnut brown hair color and brush strokes in a shimmering medium brown. Her long fringe is curled sideways and the general styling is very loose and ruffled.

Iconic Gold

Long hair with a center parte
Boho hairstyle
A center part immediately creates a feeling of balance and harmony. The irregular shaped waves make sure the long style also has a gorgeous pattern of light and shadow with a different intensity and density of waves on each side.
And then there is the soft and gorgeous color of cognac and gold to make the hair even more beautiful. This modern boho style comes with the flair of youthful purity and a summer at the country estate.

Distilled Pink

Hair cut as short as it can get
Clipper cut hair for women
It is as soft as it looks! This barely there haircut is as short as it can get. The sides are clipper cut close to the skull and only a minimal amount of length is left on top to give it structure and something left to style.
With the baby pink color it has a dreamy character and it harmonizes perfectly with her skin color. As an alternative to the velvety styling seen in the photo, these short tresses can also be gelled up for wee spikes. Using similar colors in the make-up enhances the pure and clean effect.

Powered Red

Red hair with highlights
Long haircut with thick bangs
A mane of hair to dream of! To bring out the shape of the waves the hair was highlighted in just the right places. The base color is a soft and powdery red applied in three different shades of the base color from dark to pastel light.
The cut is tapered around the face with a seamless line from the thick bangs down the sides. This technique provides much movement and a pretty frame for her features. A curling iron helps to create those divine waves that curl just a little more on the sides of her bangs.

White Light

Long white hair
White hair with soft layers
This color cannot be distilled any more. It is pure light. White like a snowflake or the feathers on a swan, it has an ethereal quality. Radiant from root to tip it almost glows in the dark.
The cut has soft layers, which keep the hair light and moving with ease. The generous length and chin long fringe add to the cosmic aura of this exquisite creation.
Hair and Colors: Wella