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Hair for modern women
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Barbara Wuillot coiffure from Valenciennes in France enchants us with a collection of superb hairstyles. Capturing all aspects of a modern woman, from professional hairstyles to ravishing and playful. The new line of sophisticated cuts explores all facets and captures them in hairstyles that were created with high professional standards, meticulous techniques, creativity and passion.
The haircuts have soft contours, rounded shapes and come in sleek and also with volume in mixed structures and surfaces. They exude strength and femininity, confidence, daring and passionate elements of a woman's soul. All put together with finesse and French seduction.
The hair colors of the season range from a dark espresso to a shiny ebony. Let the blondes hibernate until next spring. This season the brunettes will have all the fun.
Barbara Wuillot has been known internationally for high fashion in hair and her styles reflect the highest artistry and creative surprises for the sophisticated woman of the world.

Elegant Simplicity

Short haircut that brings attention to the neck
Simplicity is a key to highest elegance. Especially when the haircut incorporates subtle effects that break through the uniformity of the perfectly rounded silhouette. The front is dominated by a swooping line that curves around the face from one side to the other. A wave shape enhances the cheekbones.
The hair is cut in perfectly blended layers and styled straight with much shine on the deep black with espresso accents. A wispy strand brings attention to a beautiful neck.

Ravishing Wrap

Long hair wrapped around the neck
A truly captivating hairstyle plays with your perception. What seems like a piece of exquisite jewelry around the neck is in fact a wrap of shiny black hair anchored on the back of the très chic short style. The dynamic wave shape is repeated right below the cheekbones and continues in a perfectly cut line to shape the rounded fringe.
The flow of the hair is centered on the crown from where it falls around the head in a circular motion. A style full of splendid extravagance that speaks of the artistic ability and vision of its creator.

Short and Shoulder Length Hair

Short hairstyle that transitions into over the shoulder length hair
You can't decide whether you would like a long or a short hairstyle? This might be the solution. A layered top, cut into a voluminous round shape transitions into over the shoulder length tresses, which are slightly twisted to form thick strands.
The hair color is black and mocha, harmoniously blended. The styling brings out the volume and leaves the hair soft and wispy. With the long strands in the back of the head, this style allows for many styling variations that are full of fun and finesse.

Modern Gypsy Look

Modern gypsy look hair with contrasting textures
Modern gypsies live in style. High hair fashion for free-spirited adventurers that amazes with contrasting textures, sleek and shiny as well as frizzy surfaces. Half of the long back is wrapped around like a shiny headband, just leaving a glimpse of the layered bangs.
The sides and the long section are afro - like frizzed out but have sleek strands interwoven to bring in another dimension and visual interest. The hair is deep and shiny black, contrasted by a hazelnut shade on top.

Glam Look

Glam look with long curled and teased hair
A mix of wave patterns takes this hair to new heights. This glamorous hairstyle is layered, curled, frizzed, teased, ruffled and spiraled. The top hair is layered generously and longer strands fall way over the shoulders from the sides and back.
The top part shows generous curls and textured bangs, but the conventionality ends with the longer sections which became a playing field for the stylist.

Sophisticated Updo

Updo with a triangular shape and loose strands of hair
A sophisticated updo made for a woman who knows her worth and treats herself only to the best. The hair is cut in generous layers with long sides and back. Those are lifted up and pinned under to achieve an almost triangular shape that is softened by loose strands that escaped and are frolicking around the head in various shapes - soft and straight, teased and frizzy and artfully waved.
Hairstyles: Barbara Wuillot
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