American Blow Dry by Wella

Long hair after a blow dry
Going to the bar has a new meaning. Blow dry bars make customers stream into salons all over the United States and now also in Europe. Following the growing demand Wella is establishing a network to offer this special service.
It is more than just drying the hair and adding a little swing to it. Stylists are able to completely refresh a hairstyle without even touching the scissors or using color.
If you don't want to alter your haircut and just want to look fabulously styled for a while, this quick fix can do the trick. It is amazing what styling products, special brushes and warm air can do!

Hollywood Glam

Freshly blown out long hair
Look like a million dollars with long, freshly blown out hair. This long cut has enough layers to keep the weight low and to allow for this much exciting movement. Some extra volume at the roots give it this sophisticated and all American drama that makes you look like the star in your own soap opera.
The top was blown dry over a round brush away from the head to achieve the soft lift. Smaller round brushes can be used to create the opulent curls and waves that frame her face and cascade far below her shoulders.

Manhattan Sleek

Sleek and polished long hair
To look this polished and flawless a blow dryer is the most essential tool. Pamper yourself and let your stylist bring out the true beauty of your long hair by gently blow drying it until it shines like a diamond and falls like the most exquisite silk.
Her simple cut with its uninterrupted length and a gorgeous long fringe is ideal for this process. The bangs are given an extra amount of volume and curve which creates lines of light and shadow just above her eyes.

Playful Twirls

Blow dry for long hair
The secret of a good blow dry is using the right amount of hot air to shape the hair and cold air to make it last and to fixate the new shape. Her long hair is neatly parted just a little off center and has a sleek section on top before it begins to twist and turn into this playful shape.
The casual appeal of the loose cork-screw curls is emphasized by the open ends and the sunny summer blonde. The cheerful color has fine highlights and is a bit darker at the roots to look this natural.
Hair: Wella