15 Shoulder Length Hairstyles

Strawberry blonde shoulder length hairstyle
Go for strawberry blonde shoulder length hair this season. Try this beautiful look by opting for heavy bangs that span across the forehead with textured ends. Next, let the ends have several long layers. Curl them both ways (inwards and outwards) for a sweet and girly look. Hair by Christophe Gaillet.
Shoulder length hairstyle with curls
If you want to stand out, try this look of big, ruffled messy curls with side slanted bangs. Keep the curls turned away and outward by using round a brush and a blow-dryer. A great way to make this shoulder length style stand out is by using an ombré coloring with golden shades. Hair by Vitality’s.
Messy shoulder length hairstyle
Messy choppy layers blow-dried into a frenzy manner create this perfect shoulder length bed hair. Keep the ends textured with a razor. Leave the front bangs thin and wispy. Use your fingers and fluff your hair to exaggerate the volume. Add a single streak of bright blue to contrast with the jet black hair for a complete look. Hair by Yolanda Aberasturi.
Shoulder length hairstyle with layers
This shoulder-length hairstyle has many dimensions. The entire length is broken down with choppy layers. The crown has more volume than the rest and each end is fanned outwards to create a fuller head of hair. Use gel to style the ends and help them stay upright. Hair by Sergio Bossi.
Shoulder length hairstyle with thick bangs
A brilliantly designed shoulder length hairstyle. The bangs are thick and voluminous and the rest is cut into choppy layers with razor cut ends. This shaggy haircut starts with inclusion of extra volume while keeping the edges light and thin. Hair by Robert Kirby.
Easy to maintain shoulder length haircut
This layered haircut is easy to achieve and to maintain. Tease the crown for more volume and curl the end outwards for a youthful look. Use thinning scissors and run them through a few strands. This will remove excess volume at the tips and add definition to the highlights. A trendy style for shoulder length hair. Hair by Maison Gérard Laurent.
Modern shoulder length hairstyle
This modern shoulder length hairstyle is layered all over and very choppy. The bangs are jagged, thinned out and covering the eyebrows. Her hair color is a beautiful blond with different shades in the crown area. Hair by Luis & Tachi.
Shoulder length hairstyle for gray hair
Who doesn’t love a simple yet elegant shoulder length cut? This lovely pale gray look is hogging all the limelight right now. Go for a straight cut with textured and thinned out ends, with shorter layers that frame the face. Keep a side part and flick the tips outwards for a graceful look. Hair by Jean-Michel Faretra.
Side parted shoulder length hairstyle
This wavy side parted style is so pretty! Opt for layers on wavy hair and puff the layers outwards. A carefree and effortless shoulder length look. Keep the side bangs long and curly for a fuller and attractive style. Hair by Jean-Claude Biguine.
Beach look for shoulder length hair
A perfect beach side look for a beautiful summer. Rock this shoulder length hairstyle by spreading the front bangs and letting a few strands frame your face. Let the cool summer breeze keep the hair away from your face. Hair by Jaques Fourcade.
Blonde shoulder length hair
Nothing screams louder than bright platinum blonde hair. The look can be achieved by layering shoulder length hair and texturing the edges with a razor. Flick the ends out to create a sharp and trendy look. Remember to use plenty of hair spray to prevent the tips from losing their form. Hair by Frederic Moréno.
Red shoulder length hair
This vibrant copper red tone will brighten your day. With a tiny fringe and shallow layering on the crown, this sophisticated shoulder length haircut will definitely stand out. The hair should gradually be thinned out towards the ends and the tips can be left wispy. Hair by Eveline Charles.
Shoulder length hairstyle
This is a great way to style shoulder length hair by adding soft doll like curls. To sweeten this look, you can add long bangs with textured ends that fall right above your eyes. Try adding contrasting shades of golden brown and light chestnut brown as highlights against dark brown hair to bring out the layers. Hair by Eric Stipa.
Sleek shoulder length hairstyle
Go paint the town red with this sleek and sophisticated shoulder length hairdo. Achieve the perfect symmetry with angled bangs that fall below the eyebrows. Opt for an elongated A-line bob as it adds frame and softness to your face. This look goes great with dark chocolate brown hair and golden brown highlights. Hair by Eric Bachelet.
Shoulder length hairstyle with straight bangs
The legendary Cleopatra was known to sport shoulder length hair with straight trimmed ends and straight across bangs. Instead of one single color, try a combination of deep black and mahogany violet shades and add the colors in a haphazard order. The combination of straight edges, straight bangs and wild colors will turn heads. Hair by Aflaparf Milano.
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