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Ocean Hairdressing

  • ultra short bob look
  • short red hair with deep bangs
  • short brunette hair with volume
  • tousled bob
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Hair looks healthiest when it is full and shiny. This was one of the goals in the creation of this small, but exquisite collection. The hairstyles are pure and give a nod to all of the essential elements of current trends in hair fashion.
Geometric shapes, asymmetry, wild texture, much movement and soft flowing curves are presented in the four main hair color groups, reduced to the purest tones of the natural spectrum - platinum blonde, copper red, very dark brunette and a cool medium brown.
Much emphasis was put on creating a healthy looking volume with various cutting and styling techniques so that the hair falls thick and with a silky sheen.
Hair: Ian Davies - Ocean Hairdressing
Make-up: Jo Frost
Styling: Jared Green
Photography: John Rawson