The Swish! by seanhanna

Carefree hair
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The Swish is one of seanhanna's newest signature cuts. It captures the irresistible feeling of soft femininity for short to mid-length hair.
Easy to care for, the Swish features shorter layers while retaining weight on the ends of the hair, which gives that fabulously carefree 'swish' feeling every woman enjoys!

Short Carefree Hairstyle

Short and carefree blonde hairstyle
Fun and short blonde hairstyle
What can be more fun than short blonde hair that zigzags over one eye and a few choppy lengths to make a statement? Totally unabashed, this short carefree hairstyle rings with freedom! Freezing gel and spray will help with this transformation.

Carefree Feeling

Shoulder length hairstyle with a carefree feeling
A beautiful hairstyle with a carefree feeling! Well-defined blonde angles are styled alongside the model's face while the opposite side has a ride of layers above the smooth C-curl toward the face. Texturing crème and gloss will assist in this shoulder length hairstyle.

Shag with Blunt Bangs

Shoulder length shag with blunt bangs
A customized blunt edge along the bangs area is cut with perfected precision surrounding the eyes. Short layers are conceived around the face in dazzling specifics with longer threads that touch the shoulders. Products such as light styling crèmes and glossy finishes will be useful.

Hair over the Ears

Short hairstyle with hair over the ears
A short blonde hairstyle with longer layers styled over the eyes and textured hair that covers the ears. With featuring fringe along the nape of the model's neckline. A trendy and attractive short haircut with a carefree feeling! Apply texturing and smoothing crème.
Hair: seanhanna Art Team
Styling: JIV
Make-Up: Pat Mascolo for Tigi
Photography: Antony Mascolo for TIGI
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