Long and Curly Celebrity Hairstyles (6)

A new hairstyle can make you look completely different and boost your self-confidence. Would you like to make a radical change to your look? There’s no need to chop your long hair. Add curls and your appearance will be completely different. Let these long and curly celebrity hairstyles inspire you for your next hair appointment!
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  • Alison Pill's past the shoulders hair with layering and curls
  • Amber Benson's long hairstyle with layers and movement
  • Christina Moore wearing her long hair in a retro look with waves and curls
  • Elisha Cuthbert's sleek long hair with curled ends
  • Jennifer Hudson's long hairstyle with curls from the neck down
  • Bai Ling's glamour hairstyle with big waves and curls
  • Brittany Daniel sporting long and softly curled hair
  • Brittany Snow with free flowing long and wavy hair
  • Brittany Snow's bouncy long hair with curls and waves
  • Brunette Cameron Diaz wearing shoulder length curled hair
  • Christina Aguilera sporting long silver hair with layers and curls
  • Christina Ricci with her long curled hair cut in a V-form at the back
  • Courtney Hansen's blonde hair with curls that scatter around her shoulders
  • Elisa Neal wearing her hair long with spiral perm curls
  • Elle MacPherson wearing very long hair with billowy curls
  • Eva Longoria with her middle of the back hair styled into bouncing curls
  • Evan Rachel Wood's 1930s look with curly hair
  • Evan Rachel Wood wearing her hair long with luscious curls
  • Felicity Huffman's free flowing long hair with curls and waves
  • Halle Berry wearing her hair long with spiral curls
  • Helena Christensen's long hairstyle with a sleek top and spiral curls
  • Hilary Swank sporting long hair with curls around the shoulders
  • Isla Fisher with curly hair in a vintage inspired style
  • Izabella Miko sporting long curls that caress her shoulders
  • Izabella Miko with her long hair styled into large spirals
  • Jaime King sporting a long hairstyle with Shirley Temple curls
  • Jenna Elfman's long layered haircut with fun curls
  • Jenna Elfman wearing her hair long with bouncy curls
  • Abigail Spencer with her long hair parted in the middle and curled
  • more long curly celebrity hairstyles

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