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Long Hair with Voluminous Waves

We love this retro inspired look from Christina Moore. The actress / comedian showed up at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Joneses" (April 8th, 2010) with a sleek and soft hairstyle. Large voluminous waves fall well past the shoulders and create a beautiful cascading effect. Multiple layers are cut throughout for a fun and whimsical result. Hair is parted to the side and softly pinned to one side (a great idea to get thick bangs out of your face).
The long hairstyle is a fabulous choice for this fun and flirty and outfit. Moore's hair color looks incredible although she does need her roots touched up. Whoops! We do think the golden blonde shade suits her eye color and skin tone very well. Hair is highlighted in a very fine weave pattern so the result is soft and natural looking. Hair is teased on the top for added drama and volume. Beautiful!
Voluminous long hairstyle - Christina Moore Hair roots that need to be touched up - Christina Moore Blonde hair that suits the eye color and skin tone - Christina Moore Christina Moore - Fun outfit with shorts and a silk top
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Photos: Featureflash + Joe Seer / Shutterstock