Drew Barrymore with Long Red Hair

Drew Barrymore with long red hair
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We have seen Drew Barrymore with her natural light brown color of hair and blonde hair with slices of blonde racing through it and now it is her turn to be a glorious coppery redhead with strawberry strips and she looks completely fascinating.
Like I always said, blondes are blondes but it is the redheads that have a good color that makes the doors swing both ways. Drew wore her new hair color at the Natural Resources Defense Council's Ocean Initiative Benefit that was hosted by Chanel.
I am convinced Drew was a real attention getter with her center part and waves that flowed all the way to her shoulders.
Red haired Drew Barrymore wearing a white silk blouse and long skirt
Photo by PR Photos
Drew Barrymore hair
Photo by PR Photos
Let's talk a little bit about those waves; take your two fingers of each fingers and block off those flays of hair we see that are hanging below her shoulders. Tell me what you see, doesn't her hair look more lush and plush and heavier? It is time for our hairstyles to start being more in sync and do away with the winding ends.
Drew's skin color goes very well with her red hair and brings out the pink tones. Although she is wearing a good amount of makeup, it has been blended well with the light browns and light pinks. There is heavy eyeliner, lashes and mascara with slightly darkened eyebrows. She is wearing a neutral coral lip tone that is outlined with a darker natural tone.
Her white blouse trimmed with a black and gray design is an excellent asset for her face and colorful hair. Let's hope Drew stays red.
Side view of Drew Barrymore's long red hair
Photo by PR Photos
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