Long Hair with Spiral Curls

Bella Thorne's hair with spiral curls
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Bella Thorne turns her head in an engaging pose for us at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Mars Needs Moms".
Her long strawberry blonde and brown hair has been curled in leisurely spiral curls that casually flow upon her back. Her bangs are cut to lie just below her eyebrows and pieced in blocky spaces that web across her forehead.
Suggestions: There are several ways Bella can wear her hair in the spiral curls, such as pinning her hair at the nape of the neck that is accessorized with a ribbon and allowing the hair to fall or bringing the curls over one shoulder.
Bella Thorne's hair with spiral curls and long bangs
Photo by PR Photos
There could also be a bouquet of curls in her crown with braids and ribbons or a few light pastel flowers intertwined of different colors for springtime. With her bangs, she could have one single braid that sets above her bangs for a delightful hairband appearance.
Bella keeps her makeup at a minimum with a light foundation, light warm shadows, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a neutral flesh lip tone.
Bella Thorne - Long curled reddish hair
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