Celebrities with Long Curly Hairdos (5)

Are you stuck in a hairstyle rut? Why not do something new and different with your long hair? Curls might be an interesting option! If you don’t have naturally curly hair, you can use rollers or get a perm. Get inspired by these photos of celebrities with long curly hair and consult with your hairstylist!
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  • Jennifer Grey's curly hairstyle that keeps the forehead free of hair
  • Isla Fisher sporting a long gatsby hairstyle with old-fashioned waves
  • Rosario Dawson's past the shoulders hairstyle with curls
  • Shania Twain aged over 40 and wearing long hair with curls
  • Elsa Pataky wearing her hair long and with natural curls
  • Carol Alt's long hairstyle with a high parting and bouncing curls and waves
  • Malin Akerman wearing her blonde hair long with waves
  • Trilby Glover's long hair with curled sides that blouse out
  • Samantha Cole wearing her hair in a long style with Farah Fawcett curls
  • Demi Lovato sporting long hair with a free fall of curls
  • Christie Brinkley with her long blonde hair styled into curls and waves
  • Heather Burns sporting a Lauren Bacall inspired hairstyle with curling
  • Lauren Bosworth wearing her hair long with an off-centered part and curls
  • Cherilyn Wilson wearing her reddish brown hair long and curled
  • Melora Hardin's long hairstyle with large curls at the ends
  • Brooke Long's long blonde hair with round curls
  • Linda Blair wearing her hair long and with large rolled curls
  • Paris Hilton sporting bangs and curls that plunge below the shoulders
  • Joss Stone's with long curled hair that softens her face
  • Heidi Montag with her long platinum blonde hair styled into curls
  • Andie MacDowell's long brown hair with rolling waves and curls
  • Taylor Swift with her hair curled away from her face
  • Heidi Albertsen's 1940s long hair look with curls
  • Rachelle Lefèvre's long hairstyle with lots of curls for massive volume
  • Eliza Dushku's long hairstyle with curls and waves that frame the face
  • Adrienne Bailon sporting spiral perm
  • Adrienne Frantz with her hair styled into long spiral curls
  • Adrienne Frantz wearing her hair long in a retro style with curls
  • Rachel Griffiths with her hair crimped and styled away from her face
  • more long curly celebrity hairstyles

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