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Hair Tapered into a V

Christina Ricci beamed for the cameras on February 19th, 2007. At the premiere for her movie "Black Snake Moan" she appeared very sexy and feminine in a tight, not too revealing pink dress and long opulent locks.

Her mocha colored hair glowed with a deep cherry wash and was layered as well a tapered in the back to form a V right between her shoulder blades. It was curled to large and well defined waves and slightly disheveled locks
. With so much color in the dress and in the hair, the make-up was more subtle and put emphasis on her eyes.
Hair cut into a V between the shoulder blades Long hairstyle for a wide forehead - Christina Ricci Long hairstyle for a heart shaped face - Christina Ricci Christina Ricci's frontal hairline Christina Ricci wearing a long purple dress
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