Long Curly Celebrity Hairstyles (1)

Are you bored with your current hairstyle and looking for new ideas for your long curly hair? If you want to keep your length, you have plenty of options. Long hair opens up a lot of possibilities to try different cuts and styles. Scroll down for celebrity inspiration for your long curly hair. One of these photos might convince you to change your look!
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  • Alexa Chung sporting long ahir with bangs and loose curls
  • Emmy Rossum's long hairstyle with loose curls styled in front of the shoulder
  • Gabrielle Union with long and glossy curled hair
  • Naomi Campbell wearing her long black hair styled into small waves
  • Sarah Hyland with her long side parted hair styled into loose curls
  • Alyssa Milano with her long curled hair styled to one side for a vintage look
  • Ciara wearing her very long balck hair styled into curls
  • Rihanna wearing human hair extensions with curls
  • Miley Cyrus sporting a long hairstyle with a cascade of curls
  • Jada Pinkett Smith's long hair with smooth waves and curls
  • Jessica Simpson's thick blonde hair with waves and curls
  • Arielle Kebbel wearing her hair with spiral curls and tucked behind the ears
  • Bonnie Hunt's long blonde hair with loose spiral curls
  • Brittany Murphy wearing her curled hair long and pulled to one side
  • Calista Flockhart's long hairstyle with semi-round curls
  • Carmen Electra wearing her hair curled and below the shoulders
  • Cheryl Hines with her long blonde hair styled into barrel curls
  • Claire Danes sporting a long summer hairstyle with curls and waves
  • Debra Messing wearing her red hair in a curly long style
  • Elisabeth Rohm's easy to achieve long curly hairstyle
  • Faith Hill with her long layered hair styled into curls
  • Gloria Estefan's curly shoulder length hair with highlights
  • Halle Berry with long naturally curly hair that hangs below her shoulders
  • Hayden Panettiere with her long layered hair styled into corkscrew curls
  • Helena Christensen wearing her long curly hair pulled back and away from her face
  • Lindsay Lohan wearing her blonde hair long with curls
  • Marcia Cross sporting long red hair with waves and curls
  • Mena Suvari with her long layered hair styled into curls and waves
  • Bella Thorne's long red hair with bangs and spiral curls
  • more long curly celebrity hairstyles

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