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Abigail Spencer Wearing Glasses

Abigail Spencer showed up at the grand opening of the Las Vegas Marquee Nightclub on December 30, 2010 and she was all decked out in grey, black and white sequins that were completely stunning.
Her long dark hair was fashionably parted in the center with various sections in disarray of idle curls that hung along her oval shaped face. Her hairstyle is a simple, yet tedious and laborious task, as each section of hair must be wound around the spiral iron or a roller.
Abigail's makeup is with a light blended foundation and a tinge of blush. Although we cannot see her eyebrows very clear, we can see they are fairly thick, along with her lashes, mascara and eyeliner. There is a shimmery light coral pink lip color finalizing her portrait.
Abigail Spencer with Andrew Pruett and wearing glasses Anigail Spencer wearing a shiny dress with sequins
Note: Her large jumbo black glasses are a good touch on her pretty eyes and are used to add to her beauty and decorate her attractiveness. It isn't very often that we see glasses used as an accessory, but completely charming when we do, especially when the glasses go so well with the dress.
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