Coco Rocha's Red Hair

Coco Rocha - Long red hair styled into cylinder curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Coco Rocha was born in Toronto Canada on September 10, 1988. A true rising star in the modeling industry, Vogue magazine has been known to say "this is the Coco movement."
Coco is wearing her hair in a magnificent sparkling sherry/coppery color that brings a tribute to redheads. Her long flaming red hair is styled into various cylinder curls around her head, while the top is smoothly directed around her crown and along her face.
Her flawless make-up reveals the milky white skin and is emphasized with smoky taupe eye shadow, a few penciled in strokes in her brows, eyeliner, light lashes and mascara, blush and a neutral flesh pink lip color.
Her gorgeous ruffled blue gown is the perfect color to call attention to her coppery hair. More attention could be drawn to her hair and eyes, if there were some of the blue wrapped around her neckline, like a scarf.
Coco Rocha- Fashionable redhead with long hair
Photo by PR Photos
Redhead Coco Rocha wearing a blue gown
Photo by PR Photos
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