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Jenna Elfman's Fun Curls

Quirky Jenna Elfman arrived at the premiere of the movie "Bruce Almighty" on May 14th, 2003 in Los Angeles, sporting a casual outfit and a head full of fun curls. The blonde delight only requires a medium long layered haircut, medium size rollers and perhaps a helping hand.
Here's how to do it: part damp hair on the side and roll small strands over curlers. Spray with setting lotion and heat dry, ending with a cold blast for better hold. Unroll and separate curls with fingers, avoid all combing and brushing, just ruffle through with hands and arrange all in place. Fixate with a mist of hairspray.
Jenna Elfman with curly layered hair Jenna Elfman's hair with ruffled curls
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