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Ashley Eckstein & Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari - 06/09/2009

Kristin Cavallari greets us with long winding blonde curls that are brushed over to the one side and lie over her shoulder. Exposing her forehead, her hair is combed back and then dips over into a wave that touches her cheek and then fans out over the rest of the hair. There are also brown and caramel bands integrated throughout her hair with the blonde color around her face. Tip: try your hand at rolling your hair with fat spiral rollers for this hairstyle instead of using your curling iron. You will save your hair from unwanted heat and loss of moisture. When the curls have set into your hair, take your spiral rollers down and comb your hair over to the side like Kristin's and spritz gloss for sheen.
Kristin's eyes are sure to stand out with the white concealor and shadow in the corner of her eyes and a little bit of darker color moving into the outer creases. There are a few penciled strokes in her brows, heavy eyeliner up and all around her eyes, lashes and mascara, shiny neutral lip tint, blush and bronzing to go with her light tan.
Ashley Eckstein - 06/09/2009
Ashley Eckstein - Hairstyle with a butterfly accessory
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Ashley Eckstein models her big black butterfly against her long white platinum hair. When we look at her hair, we can see the side part with one small section in the front that makes this into a semi jag part to bulk it out and dip upon her forehead. Her hair has the casual look of today's easy hair styles with the gentle panels that drift over her shoulders and in coils. Tip: be careful in going too light of a blonde, the day will come when your color won't look blonde anymore, but white and it could put a few years on your looks. This happens many times when there is too much foiling on the top of other foiled hair. Before you know it, you have white hair sitting next to the light blonde hair and with the continuation of chemicals over the same strands; your hair can become brittle. Ashley has her darker hair underneath the lighter color lending a more natural appearance.
The color pink gives a delicate attraction with blondes and the black accessories tie easily into both colors. Ashley's skin tone has a blend of neutral bronzes and blushes, light and smoky shadows, naturally stroked brows, eyeliner, light lashes and mascara and a shimmery translucent lip color.