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Up-to-date Glamour Hairstyle

Bai Ling on March 3rd, 2006 at the Global Green USA's Annual Oscar Party. Breaking with her usual straight hairstyle, Bai Ling incorporates bold waves to create a style that evokes classic Hollywood glamour, but still looks modern, fresh, and up-to-date.
Her long layered haircut helps to draw attention to her face, but this look could work for women with shorter hairstyles as well.

If you want to get Bai Ling's hairstyle, start by drying slightly damp hair with a blow dryer on a diffuse setting to avoid overheating the hair. Next, use hot rollers to sculpt the hair into big waves. After removing the hot rollers, allow the hair to cool before separating individual waves with your fingers.
Bai Ling complements her hairstyle with a festive dress and a bold necklace, but this hairstyle would also look great with both formal and casual apparel.
Bai Ling wearing her hair long with waves Back view of Bai Ling's long wavy hairstyle Bai Ling wearing a festive dress and hairstyle
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