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Sutton Foster & Nicky Hilton

Sutton Foster - 06/07/2009
Sutton Foster - Long hairstyle with bulky curls
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Sutton Foster's long hairstyle begins with an angled center part with the top that is closest to her face combing smoothly down along the sides that ride behind her ears. The top hair falls over in bulky curls. With the trend in ringlets and coils the trick is to use your imagination. Sutton has a straight look as well as curls. Visualize something different with your hairstyle. Sutton's angled center part is definitely not something you will see on every passing hairstyle. Experiment with your hair. Use a large coiling iron for the gentle relaxing spirals that are so in vogue for today or put some conventional rollers in there set vertically around your head, while you do your chores. By the time you have your work done, they will be dry and will have more staying power that irons and hot rollers will not give to you, not to mention how much healthier the long spiral curlers will be for your hair.
Ms. Foster impresses us with a daylight appearance with her orange v-necked dress and drop earrings. There are brown tones of eye shadow accompanied with eyeliner, well extended medium thick brows, mascara, hint of blush and her bow shaped lips with a light pink neutral tone. Tip: Be careful with the brown eye shadow as it has a tendency to make a person look tired. I would take the brown off from Foster's eyes and apply a little bit of grey to brighten her eyes up. She needs more color in her face, using bronzer and blush along with a coral lip tint would bring out her eyes and put a glow in her face. Can you see what I am seeing?
Nicky Hilton - 06/08/2009
Nicky Hilton - Straight hair with a longer back
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Straight hair will still be with us for a while as Nicky Hilton proves in her photograph. Artfully sectioned in the center we can see the jagged ends along her hair that a razor can make. The back is longer than the front, as well as a warmer color is connected in the back and the lighter beige blonde integrated closer to her profile. Look just a little bit closer and you will also notice one triangular pattern on each side of her hair measured from the height of her brows to the bottom of her cheek bones into a platinum sheen; all in the name of art.
This is quite interesting, because Nicky's eyes are an icy blue and apparently her colorist had that in mind when he/she created her customized hair color; as the platinum definitely outlines her attractive eyes. Nicky goes along with outlining her eyes with eyeliner, mascara, light brows, light sheer shadow, a touch of blush and a shimmery neutral lip tone. The black blazer over her grey shirt brings out the highlights in her most unusual hair coloring.