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Maria Menounos & Kristen Tucker

Maria Menounos - 06/13/2009

Maria Menounos hairstyle with spiraled curls Maria Menounos' natural hair ranges from a medium to dark brown with thin light bronze and gold engagements throughout her hairstyle. Her part basically begins in the center and circles around so that the left side is heavier, but the right side makes up for it in the front, this being one of the latest fashion trends for parts. A side or center part is not really as described anymore, because it is cast as a semi circle. Her hairstyle comes over into a subtle wave and then mastered into spiraled curls. The way to do this is to simply roll your hair with medium long spiral rollers using wrapping papers to get the ends smooth and when it is dry, spray and fluff a little bit. Place your hair over to the one side as pictured with Maria and secure with a hairpin.
There are faces that embrace you with their good intentions and Maria falls under that category. She has delightfully arched natural/penciled brows, light pearl and light warm shadows, perfected eyeliner up and down, lushes lashes and mascara, subtle bronzing/blush and a neutral pink/coral lip color. Tip: Take note how amber Maria's brown eyes appear, it is because of the light blue liner in the inner corners of her eyes! Just an ole trick of the trade!
Kristen Tucker - 06/12/2009
Kristen Tucker with smooth dark brown hair
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Kristen Tucker's dark brown hair has thin caramel slices and most of this color is seen under the slips of her hair, in fact; there is the dark on the top, then the lighter caramel and then back to dark. Very attractive. There is a straight off centered part that allowed for the developing of her smooth top that falls into one big section over her hair. The other side has been blown toward her face and then sectioned off with a curling iron and perhaps some smoothing serum. Her hair length rests a little below her shoulders and is a good length to do a lot of hairstyles with, such as wearing it up into a ponytail, twist, curls in the crown, over to the side with fans and curls. The list is endless.
Her makeup has a pink tinge with the blush, thin rounded brows, light shadow in the inner corners of her eyes and upon the upper bone, dark shadow in the outer creases, eyeliner, mascara and a creamy light pink lip tone. Tip: Kristen has wide round eyes and closes them in a little bit by wearing the eyeliner on both the upper and bottom of her eyes. Another handy make up trick is the blending of the darker shadow in the upper outer corners of her eyes. This gives her eyes more direction. Her light pale blue satin dress looks good next to her dark hair.