Courtney Hansen's Hair

Courtney Hansen - Long hairstyle with curls that scatter around the shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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Courtney Hansen blends her long beige blonde hair with thin panels of gold and brown that have been coiled in loose winding curls that scatter around her shoulders. The scrambled part reveals her true hair color and how well it connects with her brown eyes.
Plenty of thermo styling spray would be a help when you use your coiling iron to copy her hairstyle. If you don't have that, try using hairspray on each section as you go before you wind.
Beiges, warm bronzing, a neutral lip tint with a hint of orange all tell us how well Courtney looks in the warmer tones. For a true contrast, the silver hoop earrings match her silver grey dress.
Courtney Hansen with long curled hair
Photo by PR Photos
Courtney Hansen
Photo by PR Photos
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