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Deborah Gibson & Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood - 12/16/2008

Evan Rachel Wood gives airs of a calm, cool and collective confidence as we take in her smooth panels of hair. The short side part is directed over the edge of one eye with the curled loop that captured the frame of her face. The other side is fully curled as well and tucked behind her ear. Her hair color has a background of strawberry blonde with lighter strings of blonde and the darker cinnamon. Feel free to apply bountiful amounts of setting spray as you use your medium sized curling iron. Begin curling measured from your eyes.
A rich approach to Evan's make up slightly presents a delicate character of a vampish design with her light shadow that begins in the corner of her eyes and the darker color on the lids that both wind over the whole eye and is framed by the heavy liner on the top and bottom. Thick brows soften her image and beautiful rosy watermelon tinted lips are perfected to entice us with a tad of 1930s appeal. With her plunging neckline and array of necklaces I can see her hair cut short or brought behind her head into a fashionable chignon and in a series of finger waves to clarify and capture a stronger thirties image.
Deborah Gibson - 12/16/2008

The magic in Deborah Gibson's smile is part of her charisma and much of this has to do with the way her hair has been cut. Her tweaked bangs have textured irregular ends that bring a carefree first impression. The long angled sides give a healthy glow of fluff that covers her neckline. Beige blonde, light and medium browns and touches of caramel are interwoven in slices of hair that strengthen her happy go lucky appearance.
Ms. Gibson's star shaped earrings and necklace accommodate the glitter and sparkle her picture presents. Heavy black eyeliner dominates her beautiful face along with a tanned peachy blush matched by her lip tint. Sometimes, you get the feeling a person is just as warm and beautiful inside as they are outside.