Long Hair with a Spiral Perm

Elise Neal easily wins admiring nods of approval with multi heaps of curls pillowed upon each other. Her dark hair is striking underneath the pile and sets the tone of the lighter hair that pirates above the rest.
Designed in a blaze of layers, Elise sets an air of playfulness. Her bangs are still straight and holding with the strayed peaks that lie upon her forehead.

If this hairstyle appeals to you, make an appointment with your hairdresser to get a spiral perm. She will analyze the condition and texture of your hair and give you the options that are most suitable for your hair.
Another possibility would be for you to roll your hair with small to medium sized rollers vertically all over your head and when dry, allow your hair to hang where it falls. There is the option of using a small curling iron, if you have the time and muscles in your arm to follow through with the time consuming task.
Elise Neal with her long hair styled into spiral curls Elise Neal wearing a knee length skirt and white top
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