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Middle of the Back Hair with Curls

Just a taste of the wild side, Elle MacPherson wears her hair in a swirl of ultra long layered curls and waves that settle down in the middle of her back.
Her centered part takes the hair over in a straight shift on both sides that allow the hair to whip up and out or dip into the waves. The rest of her hair dangles into large billowy curls. Her hair colors are blonde, cinnamon and bits of brown.
Be prepared to roll your hair with hot rollers in vertical positions, or you can painstakingly use your coiling iron, taking small sections as you go. Best are conventional rollers, as they are healthier for your hair and the hairstyle will last longer.
Very long hairstyles for women aged 40 and over - Elle MacPherson Elle MacPherson - Long hair with billowy curls and a centered part Middle of the back hair with curls and waves - Elle MacPherson Back view of Elle MacPherson's hair and gown Elle MacPherson wearing a lemon green evening gown
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