Madame Valiant by Steve Salon de Coiffure

Hairstyles for Asian hair
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The Steve Salon de Coiffure in Medan introduces their "Madame Valiant" collection. The collection is represented in two separate styles that illustrate the prominent style trends: shorter, sassy haircuts and color-as-accent elements.
The Asian hairstyles feature sleek silhouettes and smooth, glossy finishes as well as their own finishing features that make the styles unique and illustrate the variety available in the trendy looks.

Short Contour Cut

Short contour cut with ultra smooth finishing for Asian hair
Short Asian hairstyle with lifting and volumizing for added movement
Short Asian haircut styled into a fully forward style
The first style of the collection is shown in three photos with slight variations in styling finishes. This short contour cut (which closely follows the curves of the scalp) is asymmetrical in its basic form and features a dramatically long fringe-area forelock. The ends are softened with a razor tool and form smooth, light outlines to the overall shape of the style.
The warm, spicy medium auburn of the base color is enhanced by the formation of darkly "stained" accent areas which blend smoothly with the rest of the hair along their common boundaries. The accent color is prominently visible on the outer-left side of the style and is echoed in a peek-out accent on the right.
The three photos differ only in the specific style finishes being shown. The first photo focuses on ultra-smooth finishing to form a spherical silhouette that is dynamic and dramatic in its appeal. Photo two couples smooth, glossy foreground styling with lifting and volumizing elements at the crown and back of the hair to emphasize the accent color and give the style added energy and movement. Photo three is a fully forward style that trades glossy finish for fullness and definition in the hair.

Ultra Modern Stacked Bob

Modern stacked bob with an extra short nape for Asian hair
Asian hair cut into a smooth and chick stacked bob
In the other Asian style of this collection, we take a look at a classic stacked bob with ultra-modern twists. The cut features a super-sharp horizontal fringe and equally clean edge on the angled line of the bob cut. The line presents a weighty boundary of the style with light undercutting as the nape area hair is trimmed extra short in order to enhance the styling of the hair and offer added mobility and versatility in the styles created.
As with the previous style, this look features a naturally black base color accentuated by a veil of caramel brown in a thin fan-shaped layer covering the sides and crown. This veil of color makes a lovely highlighting effect and give energy to the style as any movement of the hair allows the base color to peek through the sheer curtain of color.
The styling differences apparent between the first photo and the second photo are simple but effective. The above photo emboldens the style by pumping in added volume in the lower layers of the hair. This elongates the crown of the head and stretches out the weight line to emphasize the jaw line of the face. The second photo shows the cut styled for compact, smooth and chic effect. The undercutting allows the hair to be shaped into a close-fitting globe that frames the face and creates a glassy, smooth look.
Hair: Steve Salon de Coiffure - Medan
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