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Keller haircompany

A collection of finely chiseled hairstyles is wooing men and woman alike to take a chance with a "nu" look. The 16 looks lure us in with their inspired lines and structures, their colors and their sensual elegance.
  • hort asymmetric haircut with curls
  • red hair and buttoned shiny blouse
  • silver hair for a bob
  • modern pixie hair cut
  • crunched hair
  • short haircut with soft layers
  • haircut with a cut-out ear section
  • shortcut
  • swept forward short hair
  • extravagant bangs
  • long tapered hair cut
  • short and neat male haircut
  • haircut for fashion minded men
  • wild curls for men
  • man with slick hair
  • young blonde man
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Gone are the days of fashionably messy looks, back are styled coifs expressing sophistication, playing with elements of form and function, using color to enhance and not to rebel. The Keller haircompany brings us hair design that is a dramatic as it is chic and utterly wearable.
Some of their exaggerated and finely tuned geometrical lines could have just jumped off a theater stage or a high fashion runway, they are however made for every day wear and promise a new era of grand styles and glamour.
The NU woman appears clear and matter of fact. She is determined and does not make any compromises. Especially not with her hair. Round silhouettes meet sharp angles and cutting lines creating first class images of strong femininity full of elegance and sensuality.
The Nu Man is over creating a bad boy image with a roughed up look. He welcomes the sexy and classy shapes of the dapper designs of this fabulous collection by the Keller haircompany.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany