"NU" by Keller haircompany

Wearable hairstyles
A collection of finely chiseled hairstyles is wooing men and woman alike to take a chance with a "nu" look. Gone are the days of fashionably messy looks, back are styled coifs expressing sophistication, playing with elements of form and function, using color to enhance and not to rebel. Keller haircompany brings us hair design that is a dramatic as it is chic and utterly wearable.
Some of their exaggerated and finely tuned geometrical lines could have just jumped off a theater stage or a high fashion runway, they are however made for every day wear and promise a new era of grand styles and glamour.

Curly Asymmetry

Curly hairstyle with asymmetry
Short asymmetric hair with curls
This cascade of curls comes in three perspectives. Short, full and dense in the back, then rounded with lengthening, curly strands towards the front as seen from the left side and finally the free falling flow of large, well defined curls on the right.
From the front this all comes out to a charming diagonal effect that is playful and flirty with long, wavy strands that are arranged across the face. The dark base color comes to live with a bold contrast in the spiraled shape of a few blonde strands.

Caressing the Face

Short haircut with layers and roundness and a shiny silk blouse
Buttoned up satin blouse and short red hair
Short face framing haircut with bangs
Short face caressing haircut
Short hair layered haircut with bangs
The harmonious roundness of the short haircut is energized by ingeniously crafted layers and face framing textures. With most of the weight above the ears, the longer layers in front are thinned and textured to caress the sides of the face and to bring all attention to the window that was left open for fine feminine features.
The bangs are just as bold as the intense color, which includes shades of coppery and golden reds as well as some berry tones for a cooling but highly ravishing effect.

Silver Hair

Silver hair cut into a bob
Textured bob haircut for silver hair
Silver is time and ageless. Precision cut into a long, textured bob it illuminates the style and takes it to another level of class and sophistication. Here the balanced oval of the silhouette was created by smoothly texturing the hair below the ears.
It is styled sleek and with a smooth curve to have the side ends caress the shape of the face which is shrouded in sensual mystery by the long diagonal bangs. On the crown a diagonally styled thin sheet of hair comes with another dose of high fashion.

Modern Pixie

Modern pixie hair cut
Where hast thou left thy magic wand? One might just ask the model wearing this stunning creation that could be the child of a magic pixie and cosmic Mr. Spock. With well defined, arrow like points on back, the sides and in the middle of the bangs this look is a masterpiece of precision cutting and of balancing geometrical shapes like curves and angles to a harmonious and definitely attention grabbing hairstyle.
The hair color is a marbled espresso brown with mahogany influences that bring more movement to the very smooth and straight surface.

Layered and Scrunched Hair

Airy blonde hairstyle with layers and scrunching
Frills and ruffles in the right places can turn a layered haircut into a fluffy object of desire. This airy hairstyle is especially interesting due to its different textures going from compact layers on top to tousled sides made up of thin scrunched strands.
A little mousse and curl enhancing spray can help with the creation of this endearing and fresh look that is seen here in a bright vanilla blonde.

Blown Away

Short blonde haircut with soft layers
Staggered lengthening of the strands from the back towards the ear line enables this structure in the hair that is as gentle as the feathers of a small bird but also full of momentum and determined energy.
The hair was cut short in softly textured layers that form a smooth and round silhouette, only disrupted by the explosion of windblown sides and the added dimension of platinum highlights in the beige blonde hair.

Cut-out Ear Section

Radical short haircut with a cut-out ear section
This radical version of the classic bowl / mushroom cut demands full attention with the cut-out ear section and the jaw length strand that frames the sides of the face before melting together with the thick and curved long bangs. The back is also cut in a blunt, slightly curved line, repeating the general theme of this look - round and curved with a sharp edge.
Of course the perfect color for this modern look cannot be demure. The rusty red with gentle copper highlights is enhances the state-of-the-art feel of this style even more.

Creative Shortcut

Shortcut hair with a ball shaped silhouette
Round is chic, but it gets even more chic with a little angle and edge. The ball shaped silhouette of this charming short cut received some updating and inner life with the distinct triangular line between ear and temple.
It'll take some maintenance to keep the shape, but it is worth it. The roundness paired with sharp angles is energetic and highly fashionable.

Dark Angel

Short hair with face framing tendrils swept forward
Intricate texture like this can easily make it from the office to the opera. The face framing tendrils soften the rounded contour even more and gently hug the curves of cheekbones and jaw to draw the focus to the well made up eyes.
The hair was swept forward from the crown and given a fine texture with the help of modeling and nourishing products, which at the same time bring even more shine to the dark brown color.

Romantic with an Edge

Short blonde hair with extravagant bangs
Gentle layers give more roundness to a haircut that lets the hair hug the head like a coat of creamy vanilla. The smooth structure of the helmet like coif is softly contradicted by a thin layer of hair that was styled against the flow on the crown.
And of course there is the extravagantly shaped "Zorro" element right in the middle of the fringe. An argument too strong to resist.

Sweet Revival

Long tapered razor cut hair
Brian Connolly's 70's hairdo pales in comparison to this long, luscious tapered cut. Razor cut texture creates a beautiful and opulent frame for our model's pretty face and especially the wide, straight bangs give this flattering and stunning look a modern feel, without betraying its retro roots.
The hair color is as luscious as the cut with its deep golden blonde shine that is spiced and with dimension giving highlights.

Fine Tuned

Neat male hairstyle
Short and smooth haircut for men
Extremely neat lines and a short, smooth crop are the key ingredients to this dapper haircut for the modern male.
The bangs are ultra short and connect to the rest of the hairstyle by slightly overlapping the even shorter sides. This touch of subtle finesse makes this look fashionable, while being understated enough to shine in every environment.

Preppy Look

Preppy short haircut for fashion minded men
Preppy, well contoured short haircuts never go out of style for fashion conscious men. This timeless layered classic with a side partition, long bangs and a minimalist backside is freshened up with the small but distinct sideburns.
This hairstyle will need regular cuts but it is otherwise easy to maintain and to style. With the right cut, the hair will fall into place by itself.

Cupid's Curls

Neck length hairstyle with wild curls for men
This handsome man does not need much to convince the females. A head full of wild curls that are cut to a perfect round shape and styled for strong definition and shine will do all the talking.
The skill and talent of the Keller dream tamed the rogue growth just enough to appear well groomed and softly controlled without taking away any of its vigor.

Slick Bangs

Men's hair with shiny slick wax or pomade styling
He looks ready to tango with his new, shiny hairstyle. Pomaded slickness is back in the fashion focus and brings with it a lot of fun and sexy choices for men's hair. Here the hair was cropped super short in the back but has some smooth length from the crown to about mid-ear.
The sides were treated with a dab of wax or pomade and styled to the back, while the long bangs shroud a part of his face in mystery. Who is ready to tango now?

Blonde on the Rocks

Blonde haircut with layers and diagonal bangs for men
This blonde young man is too cool for his own good and sports his new haircut well. The layered and textured hair was cut in a precise line from back to front and styled in a slightly windswept fashion with a top layer heading forward and accumulating at the forehead to a seductive diagonal fringe.
With the sandy and platinum highlights the beige blonde base gains much in terms of dimension and sparkle.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany