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Smart hairstyles
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UFO Salon unveils hair fashion featuring chic round lines that captivate attention, sharp blunt cuts, textured ends, smooth angled sides, and full, voluminous bangs.
In addition, other hairstyles embrace a sleek, satiny aesthetic, showcasing longer layers that dip and flow in spirals and waves. We adore this sophisticated hairstyles collection!

Glossy Bob

Glossy chin line length bob that is tailored in the nape
Smooth bob
Side view of hair clinging to the chin line
What could be more appealing than the sleek, velvety allure of a glossy angled bob? Beginning with a high side part, tapering at the nape, and elegantly framing the chin line, it exudes sophistication.
Adding a touch of sass, one piece extends slightly longer to gracefully cover the eye. The duo tones of browns and blondes provide the perfect finishing touch to this delightful hairstyle.

Stacked Back

Stacked bob that is tilting under along the neckline
Bob with off center part
Hair clinging to the chin line
With an off-center part, the model smiles radiantly, showcasing chunky hair colors of brown and blonde.
The back is stacked closely to the head and then charmingly tilted under midway along the neckline. Using a large round brush with thermo styling lotion assists while blow drying.

Blunt Haircut

Blunt haircut with the hair edged with precision along the neck
Blunt angled haircut
Classy chunked sections with various shades of brown and blonde are seamlessly integrated into this blunt haircut. The hair is meticulously edged along the neck and gracefully elongates around the sides. Who wouldn't adore this hairstyle?

Fanciful Waves

Long hairstyle with spiral curls that fall upon the shoulders
Long hair with coils upon the shoulders
Two whimsical waves on each side introduce the cascading layers and coils that gracefully tumble onto the model's shoulders in curls. With a completely brunette base accented by a few subtle threads of gold, attention is drawn to the model's captivating green eyes. Grab your spiral curling iron or schedule an appointment for a spiral perm today.

Inverted Bob

Inverted bob with tight blending in the nape and gradually longer sides
Inverted bob with tight blending in the nape
Inverted bob with hair descending along the sides
A sophisticated angled haircut with tight blending in the nape that tapers to a point. The hair flows upward in length when combed into the crown for volume and then gradually descends along the sides into textured ends below the chin line.
See-through transparent bangs skillfully cover the eyes. Thermo styling lotion will help to style this inverted bob.

Poofy Bangs

Long red hair with poufy bangs that dip just below the brows
Red hair colors
A radiant cherry with dashes of blaze red hair colors emits sun rays through the fine layers. Poofy bangs gently dip just below the brows, seamlessly blending into the angled sides, framing the face and cascading around the shoulders with this exceptionally attractive hairstyle.

Sleek Hairstyle

Sleek long hair with the top combed over to one side of the face
Sleek look for long hair
Sleek locks, adorned with tones of blonde on blonde and subtle hints of brown, are accentuated by a polished top, elegantly swept over to one side of the face and seamlessly blending with the angles along the sides. To achieve this look, spritz styling lotion and use a large round brush while blow drying.

Hairstyle with Diversity

Long hairstyle with bangs that flow over the glasses
Hairstyle with the bangs flowing over glasses
Direct your attention to the luxurious angles of brown hair, adorned with warmer hues throughout the style. In one photo, we notice the sleek straight bangs elegantly swept to the side. In the adjacent picture, wisps of bangs gracefully flow over her glasses.
These subtle variations highlight the diversity of this hairstyle. Utilize smoothing serum to define the lines for this elegant look.

Bob and Chunky Hair Colors

Bob that covers the ears and rides up in the back
Modern bob
Back view of a fashionable bob
The hair magician worked their magic, transforming the pretty model into something utterly stunning! Instead of wielding a wand, this time it was done with scissors and hair color.
The nape has been closely clipped to embrace the neckline, left in its natural dark brown hue, while the rest of the hair has been sculpted into a bob that gracefully covers the ears and ascends in the back.
Fun chunky colors around the face showcase an array of platinum and dark brown hues, seamlessly blending into thinner strips at the back. To style, use your favorite styling aids along with a large jumbo round brush when blow drying.
Stylist: Stephanie Daniel
Salon: UFO Salon and Spa, Somerset, NJ
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