"Cotton Candy" by Nikita Hair

Trendy short hairstyles
Soft pastels in vanilla, strawberry and burned sugar are the colors of the sweetest hairstyle collection of them all. Nikita Hair rewards us with a great treat. Cotton Candy is all about having fun, being playful and casual, but of course with great design.
The trendy short cuts have a distinct, rounded outline and much texture. The feathery details make it especially soft and a real experience to wear and to behold.

Vanilla Bob

Bob with a steep graduated nape area
Short bob hairstyle and a buttoned-up blouse collar
A pastel hair color and a sweet styling make this classic once again the star of the season. The short A-line bob features a beautifully rounded back, created with a steep graduation from the nape to half length. These textured layers are then styled towards the front, where they overlap a little with the sleek and straight cut section that dominates in front of her ears.
The bangs show another simple and yet so exciting detail in the dipped cutting line. Two shallow curves follow the line of her eyebrows and then meet in the center.

Strawberry Delight Pixie

Short pink hair in a pixie cut
Short hairstyle with a dip in the bangs
Pink cotton candy does not only make kids happy when they stroll over a carnival. There is a certain magic about this color that brings back memories but also gives us a pampered, soft and cozy feeling and the promise of sweetness. In combination with an edgy short hair cut, the effect is insanely interesting.
The core shape is above the ears short and rounded with a lovely dip in the center of the bangs. A low side part is partially hidden among the playfully tousled texture of the top layers.

Fluffy Volume

Men's cut for hair with natural curl
Short cut for men with curly hair
His natural curl is brushed out and cut with very short sides and gradually longer hair on top. The result is the fluffy volume and soft movement of his hair in the color of burned sugar.
All is out of his face and rather compact in its appearance, but full of little waves and streamlined motion.
Hairstyles: Nikita Hair