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Pure Chic

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Precise cuts, straight lines and a sexy flow: Tobias Tröndle has a feeling for hair and color that he translates into practical and at the same time sassy hairstyles.
  • reddish blonde hair
  • round brush styling
  • bob with outward ends
  • hair at ear length
  • round brush styling
  • lively look
  • chin length hair
  • hair turned inwards
  • strandy hair
  • match length hair
  • tips shaped outward
  • gel fixation
  • page cut
  • hair with volume at the back
  • hair curling with papillotes
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At the shooting for "Pure Chic" Tobias Tröndle photographed the new fashion trend: Tailoring. The main focus here is on the cut and the contour. Were a couture jacket was reigning yesterday, a casual blazer will do today.
The hairstyles that match the new look play on precise bobs and asymmetrical elements, yet they emphasize the feminine side of each woman with upward pointing ends and a lot of motion. Clear and pure, at the same time sexy and soft. Tobias Tröndle shows with Pure Chic how women can bring out their most beautiful side.
All photos: ©Essanelle Hair Group
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