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Diverse hairstyles
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This hairstyles collection by the Reflections team is bursting with diverse looks - combining elements of smooth, sleek styling and asymmetrical, choppy layers and textures.
The styles are as individual as the people they are designed for. The team brings us looks that are ideal for men and women of all attitudes.

Layering and Choppy Tendrils

Short choppy hairstyle with razor-cut layering
Here is a short hairstyle that is more freestyle artwork than classic style. The asymmetrical look features razor-cut layering and choppy tendrils. The bold streaks of purple color give a sharp contrast to the black base color. The hair is styled straight with what appears to be a wax-based product, giving the style definition and added texture.

Long Hair and Crips Clean Curls

Long multi-tonal blonde hair with crisp curl
Multi-tonal blonde hair is carefully crafted into a combination style. The hair is cut into long layers and styled to be smooth in the top and parietal ridge areas, falling into crisp, clean curls.
The look can be achieved by blow-drying the initial stage for a smooth appearance, then curling the lower portions of the hair using hot rollers or a large-barrel iron.

Polished Bob Haircut

Bob haircut with styling for a smooth polished look
Smooth, sleek styling is the perfect complement to this layered bob cut. With a side parting and long, side-swept fringe, the curved lines of the style frame the face beautifully. The rich, warm brown gives a traditional feel to the avant-garde styling elements.
The hair is styled by blow-drying with a large round brush and anti-frizz product for a soft, smooth and slightly polished look.

Long Flowing Hair

Long flowing hair with an angled and side-swept fringe
Long, flowing locks with an angled and side-swept fringe area characterize this sensual look. The hair is textured on the ends with a razor tool and features slight layering on the forward edges of the side around the face.
The hair is blown smooth with a paddle brush, and the fringe is shaped using a round brush to give a bend and flip where appropriate.

Super Sleek Bob

Super sleek bob haircut with a fringe that follows the brow line
This super sleek bob features blunt, precision-cut bangs and razor-cut ends, creating a soft rounding at the perimeter of the cut. The fringe follows the brow line and drops steeply to the chin at the sides.
The hair is styled smooth by blow-drying and ironing it straight. The addition of shine-enhancing and smoothing product helps to create a glassy finish.

Curl & Golden Blonde Tones

Hairstyle with one shorter side and curls
Free-moving asymmetry in the golden blonde tones characterizes this layered hairstyle. With a shorter right-hand side and right-hand parting creating bulk on the left, each side is layered steeply and styled with defined, loose-hanging curls. The curl could be natural and enhanced by scrunching with product or created in various ways.

Hairstyle for Men

Sexy hairstyle for men with brown hair
Even men get a sexy look from the Reflections team, as this young man shows. His dark brown hair is cut with textured layers and styled in a windblown configuration. The hidden parting and forward-swept styling frame the face and create a sexy, intimate look.

Gentle Wave Long Hair

Long men's hair styled with a gentle wave
For those men who like a longer hairstyle, the styles are much the same. This pale-haired cutie wears his hair in a long-layered shag cut, featuring a curved fringe and razor-textured ends to give the hair a lot of softness.
The hair is styled with a gentle wave by blow-dry styling with a round brush, and the addition of a little product gives the finished look some definition.
Hair: Reflections artistic team led by Kelly McCarthy
Makeup artist: Antonia Wilson
Photographer: Lorna Buchanan-Jardine
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