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"ROQUE" Hairstyles Collection

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What would life be without music? It surrounds us at home, in the car, at the concert or from the iPod wherever else we go. We live in the rhythm of our own soundtrack. Rock music, in all its incarnations has been a part of our sensory world for more than half a century and still continues to evolve and reinvent itself.
Keller haircompany invites us to make part of that soundtrack visible in our hair. A new collection boasts 15 rocking hairstyles for men and women that exude the vibes from punk, to heavy metal all the way to classic rock.
  • long hairstyle with fullness
  • punk haircut
  • 80s big hair style
  • long layered hair and thick bangs
  • man with long bangs
  • super short crop for men
  • short and spiky hair for men
  • clipper cut short hair for men
  • jellyfish shaped haircut
  • purple hair
  • steep plunging bob
  • hair cut with a rounded line
  • undercut bob
  • raven black hair
  • blue black color for hair
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It won't be hard to find your own favorite tune with these choices that come in two groups: Roque Rebel in the pictures 1 to 8 features the wild side with textured, rough and rebellious manes. The colors are mostly natural, but there is room for creativity and as in true art - no limits.
The Roque Royal looks, as seen in the pictures 9 to 15 are all the way on the opposite side with their sleek surfaces, the controlled geometric cutting lines and a divine play of colors. Translated to music these tunes have the flavor of smooth, jazzy ear-candy to techno and new age rock.
What's in your ear and on your head?
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