"ROQUE" by Keller haircompany

Rocking hairstyles for men and women
What would life be without music? It surrounds us at home, in the car, at the concert or from the iPod wherever else we go. We live in the rhythm of our own soundtrack. Rock music, in all its incarnations has been a part of our sensory world for more than half a century and still continues to evolve and reinvent itself.
Keller haircompany invites us to make part of that soundtrack visible in our hair. A new collection boasts 15 rocking hairstyles for men and women that exude the vibes from punk, to heavy metal all the way to classic rock.

Wild Styling for Long Hair

Long blonde hair with layers for fullness
Long layers distribute the mass of hair in a frothy mane from the crown to just beneath the shoulders. The top hair is the shortest with about 2.5 inches and increases in length with every lower layer. Fullness is the key for this look which features thick bangs and sides.
Intense highlights accentuate the texture even more as does a wild styling with the help of some mousse and perhaps a curl enhancing liquid that is massaged and kneaded into the semi dry hair.

Punk Hairstyle

Spiky female punk haircut with layers
Dare to find your own way and be yourself, but be beautiful while you break the boxes around you. Reflect the deep layers and colors of your personality outward and express yourself with a short, ruffled, fringy hairstyle that is not only layered in the cut but also in color.
The spiky texture of the choppy layers is emphasized by a colorful transition from a deep mahogany tone that is topped with explosions of copper, red and gold.

80s Big Hair

80s big hair style
Shake it like you've never done before. This huge mane brings back the 80s big hair bands and immediately improves your adrenaline levels. All that energy is created by giving long hair even layers to create a round silhouette.
The already curly hair is teased, kneaded and crushed into shape. Best basis for this opulent, hard and heavy but also romantic look is a natural curl, but medium curl perms work as well.

Choppy Long Hair

Long layered hair with choppy lengths and thick bangs
Gorgeous long layers thrill with their intense texture and untamed flow. The choppy lengths that reach far below the shoulders are made for motion.
Highlights reflect with brilliance from the deep red strands that are distributed throughout the chocolate colored base and match the color of the model's make-up. The thick bangs round off the sexy impression and let the eyes shine.

Long Bangs for Men

Men's haircut with chopped layers and long bangs
Space cadets are showing their sexy side with long bangs, scruffy, chopped layers and intense texturing of the ends. A messy side part leaves a small opening of the veil to present one well boy-lined eye for a smoldering exchange of looks.
The hair color is natural, approachable and perfectly matches the skin tone of the man with its slightly golden radiance.

Short and Posh Haircut

Versatile short cropped for men
Forehead bearing super short bangs do not distract from gorgeous eyes and keep the head cool at all times. This super short crop is extremely versatile and with just a few simple touches it can go from a neat and clean cut office look to a ruffled, trendy pop prince look.
In this picture the man's hair was treated with a shine providing and texturing product and the flow was directed towards the face.

Short and Spiky

Short and spiky hair with gel for men
The short and versatile men's cut as seen in the previous picture underwent a metamorphosis with the help of a little styling product. Gel or wax massaged into the short hair lets it stand up straight in an instant.
The special touch is that the hair around the face and along the cutting line is styled smoothly and snug to the scalp. Also note the play of dark and lighter tones of brown that boost the trend factor to the top.

Clipper Cut

Clipper cut short hair for men
As short as it gets, and then some. With clippers set on their lowest level one half of the head was rasped down to a barely skin concealing layer of fur.
Diagonally from the crown to the temple longer hair emerges in a straight line, to be styled into an almost liquid looking ripple, even more pronounced by being a touch darker than the rest.

Blunt Cut Bangs

Jellyfish shaped haircut with blunt bangs
The jellyfish shaped cut helps our model to show off her Grace Jones cheekbones and to make an avantgarde statement. Blunt cut bangs barely cover the brows and extend in one line all the way to the ears.
The side hair was slightly tapered and gently textured in the very ends and runs smoothly down the sides with a smooth inward bend. Thin streaks in a variety of golden, copper and mahogany bring a marbled effect into the mix.

Purple Hair

Purple hair
This organically shaped bob turns hair into a sculpture of postmodern beauty. Timeless lines flow in perfect harmony in perpetual motion. A trait that takes this beautiful style to a cosmic level. Perfectly executed blunt cutting lines form an oval shape with a diagonal line across the face.
The hair color contains all the shades of a purple rainbow from the red based tones to a deep blue-violet. Gently undercut the hair is easily shaped to a rounded volume with a distinct inward curve.

Golden and Copper Streaks

Steep plunging bob with golden and copper streaks
Golden and copper hair color effects are the first eye catcher. With their oscillating motion the bright streaks contradict the clear and controlled lines of the silhouette of this play on an A-line bob that exaggerates and sharpens the classic shape.
The sides were consequently shaped to a steep drop ending in a dangerously sharp point, the logical finalization of the immaculate round shape that starts with the long and slightly asymmetrical bangs.

Breathtaking Hairstyle

Short hair cut with a rounded line
When hair is used as a medium for creating art and a stylist leaves all the brain-boxes behind, then the result can be as breathtaking as this creation. More jewelry than hairstyle the look has the colors and smooth lines of precious metal with copper and blackened steel tones.
The rounded line of the modified bob is interrupted by a surprising and beautiful shorter section right above the ear that appears like a window to the secret inner life underneath the surface of every person.

Meticulously Cut Hair

Undercut bob with an inward curve that accentuates the nape
Once upon time there was a bob. He was kissed by a modern princess and found his true colors. Ranging from chocolate brown in the back to psychedelic pinks, reds and purple effects in the front half of the meticulously cut style.
This perfect architecture of hair is gently undercut to secure the delightful inward curve that accentuates a slender nape and ends in angled points right underneath the cheekbones.

Blue and Purple Streaks

Short raven black hair with blue and purple streaks
Raven black sleek hair is besieged by the colors of anodized aluminum that spread out from the bangs in blue and purple.
Space age smoothness shaped by curves and gentle angles decorates the head like the plume of a rare bird with soft tendrils rebelling against the straightness and spreading their iridescent feelers on both sides.

Sleek Geometric Haircut

Slick styled short hair with a blue black color
Mesmerizing color combined with a sleek, geometric shape where every hair has its place and purpose makes us wonder where the real limit of hair is. If there is one at all. The light reflects from the slick styled blue black surface like the moon on the water of a deep lake.
The short bangs received an out of this world color effect reminding us of the aurora borealis or the multicolored reflections of oil on water.
Hairstyles: Keller haircompany