Vivacious by BIBA Creative Team

Hair with vivid colors
Energy comes from many sources when looking at hairstyles: cut, color, wave and texture all have their own frequency of energy that merge to form a look that says something significant.
The "Vivacious" collection from BIBA Creative Team uses these elements in different ways to craft styles that come alive under the stylist's touch. The edges and lines are solid and bold, and the colors are vivid and bright. These are not your average hair styles.

Emo-Punk Bob

Emo bob for carrot colored hair
The bob goes emo-punk. This carrot colored bob features a curved fringe and rounded corners, with textured ends to break up the cutting line a little without softening the edge.
The color is a carrot top red (made famous by Lucille Ball) with an orange-red base and a high-gloss finish. The look is warm and bold - almost fiery - and the styling is straight with volume in the interior to create the broad-lined silhouette at the jaw line.

Neck-Length Razor Cut

Neck-length razor cut hair
This neck-length razor cut features fine, wispy ends with weight in the upper portions of the hair. The fringe is cut with a blunt line across the brow at eye level ensuring a focus in the upper section of the head.
The color is a rich, pinkish red, with a high-gloss finish, threaded with glints of highlighting that are toned to match the primary haircolor. The result is a color that will draw the eye of anyone within visual range, and still remain cool.
The interior of the hair is lightly layered to allow for movement and keep the face from being hidden. The styling is a simple, blown-straight affair with gentle, outward flares at the ends of the strands.
The hairstyle is hip and eclectic, with a touch of "rockabilly" rebellion. The length allows for variable styling, so you don't have to feel restricted to just one look.

Drop Down Bob haircut

Goth style bob haircut
"Maximum drama in a minimalist look" best describes this simple drop down bob haircut. The haircut is ideally suited to fine, straight hair and is executed with clean lines.
The fringe ranges from temple to temple, with a curved line that forms an arc over the brow. The sides hang straight to an A-line perimeter cutting line.
The ends of the hair (perimeter and fringe) are lightly textured with a very shallow point-cutting technique to break up the line slightly and give more visual interest.
Styling is simple: blow-dry the hair with a flat brush using a smoothing balm and finish with a flat iron for a glossy-straight look. The classic details of this hairstyle make it ideal for goth chick and glamour girl alike.

Layered Hairstyle

Layered style for red hair
Return to the red zone with this layered hairstyle. The intense pinkish-red is again utilized in this hairstyle which features forward layering that frames the face and has razor-cut ends to create softer lines in the perimeter of the hair.
These forward layers allow a lot of movement and give energy to the style. Styling the hair is a blow-out affair with a flat brush and structuring product to give the hair some strength and stiffness to allow the molding of the locks into flared arrangements. Added touches of smoothing serum can be used to give definition to the strands and help prevent an overly-fuzzy finish.

Jagged Haircut

Short jagged haircut for platinum blonde hair
Let's talk edgy, and invariably the techniques of jagged lines, bowl cutting, and undercutting come into play. This short platinum blonde hair is cut into a modern bowl shape, following a jagged line that accentuates the natural perimeter line of the hair growth zone.
The interior of the hair is undercut in order to create "looseness" in the outer layers and allow them to move more freely.
The styling includes a blow-out with a firm hold structuring product and a flat brush, followed by a flat iron to give the smoothness and sharp, clean lines.

Blown-Out Look Hairstyling

Short hairstyle with a jagged cutting line
Here's a variation on the cut in the previous short hairstyle taking the perimeter cut shown there and making it a fully-bowled style by bringing the length of the back in line with the sides and fringe area.
The perimeter of the haircut still followed a jagged line, but is balanced more in order to keep the focus along the center of the head. With a gentle curve at the fringe area, the ends of the hair are lightly textured with a point-cutting technique and accentuating locks left long to provide contrast and adornment.
The styling is a blown-out look using a flat brush and structuring paste with the hair directed in a somewhat clockwise twist around the skull.
Hair: BIBA Creative Team Australia