Luminescence by Maurice Meade

Shiny long and short hair
In a collection of eight hairstyles the Maurice Meade team captured the reflection and intense afterglow of shiny hair. Naturally hued colors range from a sheer platinum blonde to reds and brunettes.
The styles demonstrate how each individual texture has a different effect on the way the light is reflected. The curls, layers or sleek surfaces radiate luxury, sophistication and high fashion was made wearable for every day.

Clean Cut

Clean low maintenance haircut for men
From the office to the horse races or the gym men like styles that just go along with it all. And they are especially happy when their haircut is also low maintenance and can be styled in an instant. This short crop is just that.
Clipped close to the head with minimal texture and clean lines it is a classic, but with a fun modern touch that lurks in the gentle wavy texture and the slightly fluffed up center. The medium brown color is neutral but always dapper.

Textured Bob

Bob with a longer back and above the eyebrows bangs
Ravishing in red and with a lot of texture, this bob will make new friends in an instant. The sleek bangs were cut in a charming curve above the eyebrows opening up the face.
The sides and slightly longer back were textured in the tips to allow a silky but voluminous flow. Very charming is the feathered effect along the cheekbones.

Romantic Waves

Long hair with vintage marcel waves
The large waves of this long hairstyle were set with much deliberation in a smooth angle from the back to the front. The smoothness and fine definition of the waves reminds of vintage marcel styles and is best achieved with a good curling iron or very thick heat set rollers.
To enhance the look of the waves a lighter caramel tone streaks the warm, medium brown base color.

Silky Red

Long and smooth red hair with a center part
Copper in its purest incarnation turns the blinding brightness into a warm radiance that seduces with its electrifying vibration. Around the face and towards the ends the hair was cut in broad and long sections to bring more dynamic to the otherwise strictly smooth and silken surface of the long and elegant look.
The center part and the symmetric styling have a youthful touch and bring all of the focus to the face.

Simplicity with a Twist

Very straight and easygoing long blonde hair
Easygoing simplicity is the key to the magic attraction of this long and very straight style. The hair was parted in the center, a classic move that always works great to show off a pretty face.
With the exception of tapered texturing and a slightly round styling in the lower section the hair was dried to extreme smoothness to best radiate and transform the surrounding light. A medium blonde seems weightless and is defined and deepened by lower areas in a harmonizing, slightly darker tone.

Braided Hairband

Long out of the face hairstyle with a braided hairband
The perfect pout becomes even more adorable when framed by an out-of-the-face hairstyle with much volume and gentle waves.
The long hair is held back by a small braid that was crafted out of the own hair by using strands from behind the ear, braiding them and attaching the braid on the opposite side, pushing back all that golden brunette hair to create even more volume and bounce.
Small waves and gentle curls are charming to the max and can easily be styled with a hot iron.

Feline Fringe

Long blonde hair with shimmering highlights
The long bangs make her catty eyes the center of attention, but do not weigh the face down because they are as thin as a gossamer veil, letting a shadow of the eyebrows shine through. It attaches to the tapered and textured sides in a clean 90-degree angle.
The rest of the hair is glamorously long, straight and full of shiny reflection brought on by soft, shimmering highlights.

Glamorous Elegance

Short blonde bob with a raised back
Sophisticated attitude is best underlined with a classic A line bob. The raised back section adds volume and the steeply angled line towards the front lengthens the face and makes it slender.
With a dynamic swoosh of the side parted fringe this all-time favorite gets a sporty touch and distinction. Transparency is the second nature of the radiant blonde that beams in sandy and platinum tones.
Hair: Maurice Meade