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Luminescence by Maurice Meade

In a collection of eight hairstyles the Maurice Meade team captured the reflection and intense afterglow of shiny hair. Naturally hued colors range from a sheer platinum blonde to reds and brunettes.
The styles demonstrate how each individual texture has a different effect on the way the light is reflected. The curls, layers or sleek surfaces radiate luxury, sophistication and high fashion was made wearable for every day.
  • clean hair cut for men
  • textured bob
  • vintage marcel style look
  • youthful long red hair
  • easygoing long hairstyle
  • braided hairband
  • feline fringe for long hair
  • raised back bob
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Maurice Meade Salons have been around for more than 34 years and are making a name for themselves far beyond their home in Australia. The hairstyles from down under as well as the booming fashion scene from Perth to Sydney are gaining more and more international fans. It must be the fresh and unique approach to design and creative passion fueled by the most exotic surroundings on the planet paired with traditional roots.
Hair: Maurice Meade
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