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LOVE by Haute Coiffure Française

  • tapered short hairstyle
  • long hair and short bangs
  • hair tied up
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This collection shows you that you can transform the seemingly ordinary into the extraordinary with surprisingly little effort. Adding some color, extensions, or playing around with your bangs can make or break your style. Sneak a peek at these examples of altering everyday hairstyles into edgy, contemporary styles that will make an impression, no matter where you are.
We all have times where we want to do something a little different with our hair, but just don’t feel like committing to a whole new hairstyle or look… These images are like a doorway to renovating your normal style, yet you won’t be looking like a complete stranger to yourself when you’re done.
Whether you enjoy playing around with new styles, or just feel like upgrading your typical top-knot that you wear to school, the gym and the beach, scroll down and envision yourself with these trendy styles that need surprisingly little finesse, skill or time.
Hairstyles: Haute Coiffure Française
Make-up: Ismael Blanco
Styling: Nado Al Tabbal
Photography: Gyslain Yarhi