Renaissance by Maurice Meade

Festive hairstyles
Australia's popular hair artists from the Maurice Meade team are giving us a series of hairstyles to celebrate a new renaissance. It is a rebirth of femininity, glamour and festive looks that are elegant and sophisticated.
Soft, supple shapes interact with well-chosen, brilliant colors reflecting the light like a precious gem. The blonde, red and brunette styles - la Meade have well balanced contours, smooth surfaces and a mesmerizing silken glow.
Gentle curves, draped, tucked and wavy structures emphasize the natural beauty of each woman and take it to a new level. The festive appearance of these creative styles does not mean that they should only be worn for evenings of celebration. The generous volumes of the updos and open styles are also a gorgeous way to bring glitz and elegant sparkle into any day.

High Hold

Glamorous medium length hairstyle with flattering volume
Flattering volume is puffed up with much lift at the base and taken back to an elegant out of the face style. With the right styling, that means gentle drying while sculpting the hair with a round brush, as well as good styling products.
This hairstyle is an easy choice for a glamorous night. Mousse, smoothing lotion and maximum hold hairspray are a girl's best friend to achieve this effortless and appealing look.

French Braided Wildness

Festive long hair with a French braid
The orderly structure of a French braid is combined with a wild and wavy mane for this sexy and glamorous hairstyle. The braid starts at the forehead and runs high on the side all the way to the back.
A few strands of the layered and unruly part of this look hides the rear section of the braid. Tousling and kneading of the hair with the finger brings on the wild and opulent look that is only barely tamed.

Satin Wave

Festive styling for a blonde chin length bob
A chin length bob cut with gentle texture and a long fringe is the recipe for a variety of sophisticated, timeless looks. This glamed up version has the fringe elegantly swung to the back in a light and airy wave.
The invisible hold is best achieved with a strong hairspray and fairly light hair to begin with. The glorious light blonde color is festive, feminine and flatters a porcelain complexion.

Tapered Locks

Long blonde hair with festive spirals
Uncomplicated yet stylish look with very smooth transitions from top to the tips. The highlighted sandy blonde hair was parted on the side and cut in a tapered line to shape a dynamic frame for the face.
The long hair was first styled to straight smoothness and for a simple but grand effect the ends where gathered on both sides and swirled to large spirals.

Long Luxury

Face framing and shoulder hugging long blonde hair
Face framing and shoulder hugging. To top it all off the color is a sandy beach blonde with an elegant matte shine. Nothing can go wrong with a luxurious yet simple but ultimately feminine style like this tempting creation.
The ends of the hair gently roll, curl and flow to way below the shoulders. Smoothness and movement are the key.

Vintage Finger Waves

Blonde updo with vintage finger waves
Every now and then the finger wave comes back and enchants us anew. It is a little bit of work to set the hair in this soft and regular wave pattern, but it is so worth the effort.
No accessories are visible in the back where the hair is tugged under for a vintage glam look that is the perfect choice for all holidays, birthdays, dates or just because you feel like it.

Caramel Infusion

Updo with the hair gathered loosely in the back
Hardly anything is more seductive, feminine and classy as an elegant up-style. This loose and flowing example makes an even bigger impact because no pins, barrettes or elastic bands are visible.
The slightly curly hair was fluffed up and then loosely gathered in the back where it was attached from underneath with dark hairpins. A great eye catcher is the caramel colored inlay on the sides.

Classic Red

Festive styling for long and thick red hair
The key to elegance is simplicity - to indicate and understate while emphasizing the specific qualities of the hair and the woman. The red of this coppery creation is just red enough to catch the eye and radiate that warm, passionate glow, but it does not take over. It supports the hue of the skin and does not compete with the lipstick.
The shape of this look is also simple and pure. Flowing lines with large curves at the ends styled into thick hair that does not require any tricks to be opulent.


Festive hairstyles that hold all night long
Winter is the time for concerts and galas. For the big dresses and festive hair. Lets not forget about the jewelry. Hair should support the personality and bring out the best in every woman. It should not compete with her outfit or her jewelry. That makes the glam styles by Maurice Meade so special.
The focus is on great flow and simplicity paired with elegant lines and structures. No further accessories are needed and the styles will hold all night long.
Hair: Maurice Meade