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Maurice Meade

Australia's popular hair artists from the Maurice Mead team are giving us a series of hairstyles to celebrate a new renaissance. It is a rebirth of femininity, glamour and festive looks that are elegant and sophisticated.
  • glamorous medium length hairstyle
  • French braid look
  • bangs swung to the back
  • blonde hair with spirals
  • blonde hair way below the shoulders
  • vintage wave look for hair
  • hair gathered loosely in the back
  • flowing red hair
  • festive look for medium length hair
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Soft, supple shapes interact with well-chosen, brilliant colors reflecting the light like a precious gem. The blonde, red and brunette styles - la Meade have well balanced contours, smooth surfaces and a mesmerizing silken glow.
Gentle curves, draped, tucked and wavy structures emphasize the natural beauty of each woman and take it to a new level. The festive appearance of these creative styles does not mean that they should only be worn for evenings of celebration. The generous volumes of the updos and open styles are also a gorgeous way to bring glitz and elegant sparkle into any day.
Hair: Maurice Meade