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CAMILLE by Laurent Decreton

  • short hair with a gray color
  • combination of a bob and a short crop
  • silver hair with a pink accent
  • short hair with uplifting
  • updo with hair extensions
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The mystery of beauty can be in a glance, a smile or in fantastic hairstyles. Laurent Decreton shows us five versions of his vision of female beauty in five amazing looks. The first tease to our senses comes with the gray color on a young face. Gray has become the new black for trendsetters and there is an ethereal quality to it that creeps under our skin.
Pure like a fine metal it lends itself to showcase exquisite cuts like no other color. It turns the hairstyles into fine sculptures. Decreton warms up the silvery shade with hints of color. Short cuts are textured and move us with their contagious dynamic. Together with long extensions a new world opens up.
Hairdresser: Laurent Decreton - Coiffeur Ambassadeur L'Oréal Paris
Assistant Hairdressers: Clémence Pilgram and Romain Teixeira
Coloring: Patricia Cotti and Elodie Pêcheur
Make-up: Vera Dierckx
Styling: Sandrine Duprez
Photography: Christian Achman